11-year-old Louisiana rapper drops song mourning all his dead homies

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    SHUDEYE Kerser is the sickest.

    Dec 28, 2021
    When children are surrounded by violence and tragedy, they might turn to destructive ways to let out their frustration. One Louisiana rapper found a positive outlet through making music.

    11-year-old Rayvon Webber — who raps under the alias Ray Da Yungin — released a tribute to all of the friends he’s lost to gun violence and other tragedies earlier in December titled “Miss You.”

    “Like, wow, how do I handle this so young/Yeah, how do I know if I’m ‘posed to cry/How do you expect me to just say goodbye,” he ponders on the second verse.

    Speaking to KLFY, Webber detailed the gut-wrenching loss of his friend and football teammate 12-year old Xavier Perry. Perry was tragically shot and killed by his stepfather in November during a deadly domestic dispute between the stepfather, Perry’s mother and uncle.

    Ray Da Yungin’s hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana is no stranger to murder. The city has racked up at least 90 homicides in 2021 which is already a record number for the northwest Louisiana city with just days left in the year.

    Webber began rapping when he was just eight years old after seeing his sister try to make a song. He hopes the tribute record and his poignant lyrics will help inspire people to put the guns down in his city.

    “If people just put the guns down and stop all of this violence, people could do more with what they were already doing now and during the future,” he said. “They’re going to do way better and know what to do.”

    Listen to “Miss You” below.

    Jun 9, 2023
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    Dec 29, 2021
    This kids parents forced him to do this

    Good for him though
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    Jun 9, 2023
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    Still better than Kerser
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