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5 reasons BuffaloBoy is better than your favorite poster [VOL 1]

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Final, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Final


    Nov 2, 2016

    1. He makes threads. It's one thing if you're going to post, but making threads is the ultimate way of creating discussion with unlimited potential here at SegregationEighty. Always make a thread.
    2. People hate his threads. It's one thing if you're going to make a thread, but making threads that make other people mad are one of the greatest joys of ones posting career.
    3. Most RG members talk shit to him and as we all know, RG members blow ass. This means he has separated himself from the shit herd, both metaphorically and literally. (It's a buffalo joke)
    4. He has himself as a smiley. [​IMG]
    5. BuffaloBoy is a poster of a certain breed. A breed that derives from the core that is OT. JMG, Michael Scott, Cain, Theg, YDB, these are the users that best represented the face of OT throughout our history and I believe with the right guidance, BuffaloBoy will be the next.
    6. He actually looks like Tarzan. Tell me how a guy named BuffaloBoy with a buffalo avy happens to look like Tarzan?
    Today marks the 5th Anniversary of Off Topics Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

    Question 1
    Does tpk have what it takes to rise up for OT?
    A - Yes
    B - No
    C - Punished tpk always wins
    D - Only with the help of Theg

    Question 2
    Where is Kenneth?
    A - Being white
    B - Secret Greet and Meet with Lina
    C - Got lost in his 440gb Simp Folder
    D - Was murdered by clowns on Halloween

    Question 3
    Do you think FlawlessT will ever come back?
    A - Yes and he will wipe the floor with Joel

    Question 4
    Release window of S80 3.0 once announced?
    A - Comes out 1 week later
    B - Takes 3 months again
    C - Doesn't come out. Slyk and Loya start their own site with the code.
    D - Coming Soon

    Question 5
    Who exposed Final last year?
    A - Saladin
    B - Funkadelic
    C - O
    D - All of the Above

    Question 6
    Will Patti ever love us?
    A - No he's a neckbeard.
    B - Depends if he logs off WoW.
    C - His name is Patti.
    D - Autism

    Question 7
    Why is Able so aggressive now?
    A - Able left the site and Koolo namechanged him to Sleepy and controls the account.
    B - Why is Answer A so specific?
    C - Because that's what happened.
    D - There's a reason the Cool Cats are dead.

    Question 8
    Who has the worst name?
    A - Hank Moody
    B - No my name is Cunner
    C - Mr Rager
    D - EmNews

    Question 9
    Which girl will return first?
    A - Mimi
    B - Emostar
    C - Jaya
    D - Shahidah

    Question 10
    Why doesn't mattagascar post more?
    A - He's cheating on us.
    B - 3rd world internet
    C - It's tough being a young goat
    D - YDB doesn't wanna get outshined

    Question 11
    Would you rather have Narsh, Pato or GRS back?
    A - Narsh
    B - Pato
    C - GRS
    C - Kill yourself

    Question 12
    Where is my favorite user of all time, Mano?
    A - Seriously, where is he?

    Question 13
    Which shitposter improved the most?
    A - Maximus
    B - Rick James
    C - Immy
    D - Tony Groovy

    Question 14
    Best new poster?
    A - Owl
    B - BuffaloBoy
    C - El Ares
    D - Sas

    Question 15
    Isn't SectionEighty great?
    A - Best forum on the internet
    B - Best forum on the internet
    C - Best forum on the internet
    D - Best forum on the internet

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