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App Update 2.2

Discussion in 'Issues & Announcements' started by Koolo, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Koolo


    Apr 16, 2017 SAS IS THE NEW KANYE

    @Help check the new feeder, im not 100% sold i might turn it back but hey check nonetheless

    Trending Feed from Reddit

    Given the breakaway success of Reddit as a modern discussion platform, we've

    started the process of bringing Reddit's toolkit over to help forums succeed.

    The first major feature is a Trending Feed, which, using Reddit's formula, encourages

    and stimulates new content by rewarding high quality threads and content with likes.

    It also previews the first image tag/attachment or YouTube video directly in the feed,

    and comes with two new ad location templates so feed locations can be monetized.

    - Redesigned Native Posting

    New threads, replies and conversations can now be started from anywhere using the

    redesigned native posting. It is triggered by the pencil icon at the bottom right.

    The camera button now allows you to snap a photo instantly.

    - In-app Notification Settings

    Members can choose what types of push notifications they wish to receive and this is

    supported for both XenForo and add-on alerts.


    Sunday, April 16, 2017

    - Menu Button indicates New Alerts

    - Pull to Refresh

    - Streamlined Page Number Navigation

    - Native Page to Page Transitions

    - Necessary App Store Updates Now Enforced

    - Non-interactive Navigation Hidden by Default (optional)

    - Native Navigation Bar Redesign

    - New Style Properties to Control Native App Visual Components

    - Minimal UI is now also a Style Property

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