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@Big Cuntry why the f--k does playboi who-ti have an artist prefix for threads but 6IX 9million views in a day, isn't?

Was browsing r/all when I found this

Ok pretty cringey title by itself....then you read over 200 comments from casual rap/music listeners that really put into perspective how naive and disconnected people are. Keep in mind this isn't even r/music, it's r/videos. Multiple derogatory uses of the word "mumble rap" ensue @Big Cuntry and all around people just sounding clueless once you're used to discussion on a rap forum where more or less everyone sounds knowledgeable of some type of rap (don't all of you take that as a compliment)
you's a poopy butt, yeah you's a shit stain. Album finta be a Blassic.

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