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The Blanguage ‑ Young Thug
Lakers ‑ Freddie Gibbs
Last Call ‑ Kanye
Swimming Pools ‑ Kendrick ( T‑Minus:rejoice:)
I always believed in if you don't ask you don't get so I'm a big kendrick fan and have even contributed to the discography here and just wondered if anyone has break my heart still? If that's it's name.

I just stumbled on the post from Michael about the 5 tracks and just wondered as party nauseous leaked and so did a few of them but can't find that one anywhere?

So basically would I be able to get a pm with it I would only keep it in my collection. I'm just trying to be truthful I understand if it's a no.

Thanks guys
..of the most hyped up Eminem verse in a while

Very detailed breakdown of the No Favors verse; going through all the multi-syllable rhyme schemes etc.

Also goes through meanings & his honest opinion of the verse

He admits at the start that he's a Stan, but he's clearly very intelligent & knows his rap

I recommend watching as it's probably the best summary of this verse I've seen. It's hard to disagree with him

Breakdown starts at 2:05

@Cyreides @Other_electronic_fans

I currently have Daft Punk, The Bucketheads, S'Express, Prodigy and Snap! in there but I need more Electronica albums.

I know of Aphexx Twin and Skrillex but what are some of the best electronica artists (meaning albums that are unique and not just one big song stitched together, it needs to have variety people!) out there that I haven't listened to yet?
Yes it does, and it's low-iq,

if you listen to it 24/7 and consider it actual music you are brain-dead ... if u bump it in the whip and parties only, I can respect that

wtf is this shit... ewww :scust:

Real shit. Future dropped an album with almost no notice, little hype and is still taking over the game. Setting aside his incredible success and top 5 status (maybe top 3?) in the game, this album is THE shit.

To me, Future is a mix of Pluto and his 4peat sound. An astronaut discovering codeine over trap beats. Whatever Super did in 2016 preparing for this, his pen game took a major step up.

"I was down and out, and I remember this

It's gon' hurt my soul just to reminisce

Gotta understand what I represent

You know what I mean to the game"

If you said Kendrick wrote that real hip hop fans would be chanting King Kendrick. Future's painting real pictures on this entire project. His flows took a step up, his delivery is CRYSTAL CLEAR. Future has a skill at putting in ear worm lyrics as well.

"Mask on, f--k it mask off"
"You won't ever get ya bitch back"
"Percies and mollies MHMMMMM"
"I took off just like a rocket, Olajuwon Hakeem"

This shit stays with you all day, makin you wanna go hear it again. Aside from a few filler tracks (Scrape, Good Dope, Flip) this shit is pure Future. Trap Future, Pluto Future, Super Future. The best of Future's lyrics, flow and cadence are on this album. To me, it's AOTY.
Why did he change it from his original name M&M? which is his initials (minus the B ). idk if he ever said why in an interview or whatever but the only reason i can think of is because it might mean something.

E- Every
M- Mom
I- Is
N- Nice
E- Except
M- Mine

What do you guys think?
I must say, it's pretty f--king amazing. It has it's own vibe and every song is a f--king hit. I recommend you give it a listen if you haven't.
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