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You fresh havana and btg newcomers better listen how sound the real thugger which all true fan should miss ... with tears in my eyes and ears

this nigga finna takeover Toronto
I used to be a Stan who hated Wayne because I only liked fast syllabic and political rap, but over the years, I've heard Wayne's material and I've come to appreciate his humor and word play. Here are my arguments for his inclusion in the GOAT tier.

1) Both highly influential and good. Someone like Dr. Dre is immensely influential and someone like Busta Rhymes is great at rapping but very few rappers have been both.

2) Changed the landscape. Helped southern rap, stamped Drake/Nicki, precursor to trap/autotune and made it practically standard for rappers to work on their metaphors. Some will argue these are bad influences (subjective), but no doubt that he completely dominated.

3) Dominated the mixtape game. Yes, his peak may have only been 2-3 years long, but that 2-3 years is like 10 years of most rappers material. Releasing an album or tape every few months was unprecedented amongst an A tier rapper. Doing something like this isn't even common now, but promo material was not common back then. This kind of work ethic was unheard of at the time.

4) Large catalogue. No, I'm not equating quantity with quality. People are free to choose which songs they like and which they don't. Even if he has 1000 songs, 400 are bad, 400 are okay and 200 are good, that's still more good tracks than most rappers. Even if (humor me), 900 of them are about weed/pussy/guns, and 100 are about different subjects, that's still more diversity than most rappers.

5) The Carter trilogy (and an underrated 4th album) that ranks among the best and most acclaimed album series'.

6) Dominated his lane. Other rappers typically found in top 10 lists each completely dominate in a certain type of rap (i.e. Tupac's storytelling, 3000's poetic style, Biggie's flow) and Wayne is at the top of the metaphor/wordplay/punchline lane.


"Wayne raps about drugs/guns/hedonism. Eminem and Tupac rap about life"
No. Stop. Just stop. Does music need to always talk about...
He had a beard and he took a pic with 2 Chainz.
  • No music video
  • No radio-friendly or banger single
  • A corny drug campaign that took no more than a second his core fans to figure out.
  • A corny drug campaign that went over the casual listener's head.
  • Fumbling the release date and getting beat out by rumors
  • No Breakfast Club or radio at all? (Requires a telephone and <1 hour)
  • Very little video interviews and television appearances
  • No mixtape to hype the album
  • No social media presence beyond the typical
  • Two singles that pissed off half of his fan base
  • Leaking a tracklist with questionable features and no context
It's 2017. People have short attention spans and a large volume of digital content. Most people are not going to investigate what the hell is going like I am because they have lives. Either he's not trying to do PR or his team is failing him. The era has changed. In the era of social media, 1 month is like 4 months. Vanishing off the face of the earth for a few years helped Recovery become a best-seller, but in 2017, there are a lot of teenagers who never grew up in the early 2000's who aren't going to just hype his album because his name is on it.
For me it’s definitely Without Me

It’s catchy even to this day and still sounds fresh to my ears even though I’ve listened to it countless times.

What Eminem track has the most replay value for you?
He always sold enough to not need a mixtape. However, only making albums has put immense pressure on his albums to cater to every single wing of his fanbase (the profane wing, the lyrical wing, the inspirational wing, the pop wing, etc).

With mixtapes, he could've given his hardcore fans Slim Shady and fast bars. Then, the albums could've had more focus and radio-friendly songs for casual listeners and hiphop heads in general.
Not a surprise---this song is beyond the human ears.

It's not on the Spotify charts, only 2 million streams in 3 days. And the youtube views are a lot less too. itunes lookes pretty low too.

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