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This dropped back in November but forgot how hard he ripped this
So Far Gone is arguably his best project and it helped Drake to find his style. One of the first albums to inspire the whole R&B rap sing song style. Take Care is a cemented modern classic, with this album the whole R&B rap style blew up and artists became more confident in themselves to try this genre and experiment with it thus making the genre a mainstream and a known, relevant style of music. On Nothing Was The Same, Drake becomes more confident in himself and delivers some of his best verses in his career, mixing good raps with the same style he had from his previous albums. It was Drake's most succesful release until Views and it's arguably his best album quality wise and it had the first signs of the trap, arogant, conscious Drake that we know from IYRTITL WATTBA, S16 and Views. That's three classics.
Iyrtitl influenced alot of things. Not only it had insane amount of versatility from Drake but it also influenced the whole commercial mixtape thing, that Young Thug would later use, Chance etc. It's his most consistent project and it contains some of his most classic songs and it showed that Drake without trying he can rule the whole rap shit. That's 4 mates. The 5th one is Views which is a good album, extremely overhated but it has some bangers and filled with his biggest hits, as we look at it, it went 4x platinum in 2016, took streams to a whole another level, and broke several records. That's 5 but i'm not going to force it. He has 4 classics rn
I know I am wicked late but just realized I don't have a good version in my library. Anyone want to send over a link? Thanks!
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Doing a collection similar to my one with Kanye. If anyone have packs of leaks or just loosies please link me I am trying to get a complete collection outside studio albums. Either comment or PM, thanks!
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