Eminem Cops to amp up security when Eminem headlines at Glasgow Summer Sessions after sex attacks, fights a

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    When the legendary rapper played the same gig in 2013 police made 34 arrests and hundreds of people complained about the noise

    COPS are putting together strict security measures for the return of rap superstar Eminem after his gig four years ago led to sex attacks, fights and drug use.

    Officers say trouble won’t be tolerated when the US hip hop artist headlines Bellahouston Park’s Summer Sessions in Glasgow on August 24.


    The star will return to Bellahouston Park after a hit gig in 2013
    A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We work closely with our partners to ensure that events are policed appropriately.”

    When the legendary rapper played the same gig in 2013 police made 34 arrests.

    They included two for sexual assaults, eight for assaults and a 35-year-old who was pulled up for alleged drugs offences.

    Fed-up locals also complained about noise from the massive open-air gig — six miles away.

    The main stage — which attracted 30,000 fans — was set up to keep the din down for those living nearby.

    But it was heard by thousands in the West End, Maryhill and even Renfrew.

    The music had to be turned down after thousands of people vented their fury over the noise online.

    A council spokesman said they had received 27 complaints — but bass levels were within the legal limits.

    Weather was blamed for the racket due to unusual atmospheric conditions.

    Rockers Green Day will also be performing at Bellahouston Park this summer.

    The band will return to Scotland on July 4 as part of their Revolution Radio tour.

    DF concerts announced new festival TRNSMT earlier this year.

    The new Glasgow weekender will take the place of T in The Park.

    The lineup includes Radiohead, Biffy Clyro and Kasabian.
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