'Den of Thieves' - Starring 50 Cent & Gerard Butler

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    Just a week after 50 Cent suggested he would step away from the Power TV series, it’s been announced the actor/rapper will return to the big screen.

    According to a Deadline exclusive, 50 has been cast in an upcoming crime thriller called Den of Thieves. The project will be directed by Christian Gudegast, who got his start directing rap videos and went on to land writing credits for films like London Has Fallen and A Man Apart. The movie was co-written by Gudegast and Paul Sheuring, and is being described as “a Los Angeles crime saga in the vein of Heat.”

    The film will reportedly follow a group of gang members who devise a plan to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of downtown Los Angeles. The story will focus on the criminal’s lives as well as the elite team of L.A. police officers whom they go up against. 50 will play one of the expert bank robbers.

    Gerard Butler will co-star and produce the movie, which is set to begin filming next month in Atlanta.

    50’s new role was announced less than a week after he blasted the Golden Globes for snubbing his successful Starz series Power.

    50 made his big-screen debut in 2005 with his semi-autobiographical movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He has since bulked up his filmography with roles in projects like Righteous Kill, Escape Plan, and Southpaw.

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