Eminem (DMX get itt) BNTS Reviews Southpaw :3

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    Apr 13, 2016
    So today I was in my mom's basement jerking off to Eminem's seductive voice on Superman, and it occurred to me that I promised DMX I'd review the Southpaw Soundtrack if he reviewed Young Thug's Barter 6.
    In a video he posted on Youtube, he listened to it and gave the project a 10/10. He even said it was a classic. Obviously he wasn't being sarcastic at all.

    So I got this ready on Apple Music, and I'm just overjoyed to listen to some dope beats, great lyrics, and silky smooth flow!

    You know.
    Real hip hop :allears:
    Also keep in mind I'm not a professional reviewer. These are just some thoughts that came to mind over the course of listening to this project. I will try to be unbiased, so don't expect this review to be like "Wtf eminem you s--- k--- yourself".

    1. James Horner - Cry For Love Pt. 1/ 14. James Horner - Cry For Love Pt. 2
    Don't have much to say on these. Short instrumentals that sound incredible.

    2. Eminem ft. Gwen Stefani - Kings Never Die
    I love the hook. I've always liked Gwen's voice. The way Eminem starts the verse though <<<< Why the f--- does he have to use this delivery? The beat isn't too great.

    3. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard ft. KXVG Crooked, Busta Rhymes & Tech N9ne - Beast (Remix)
    Busta killed it :whew: His verse is dope as f--- :bigquint:
    The hook and beat is nice. Can't complain about that.
    Crooked isn't bad, but I ain't tryna break my neck to this.
    Tech does pretty good, but just like Crooked, I'm not moving around like Big Quint

    4. Denaun Porter - This Corner
    Not bad. Not good.
    The beat is alright. It sounded great with that sample (?) at the beginning. The hook sounds really familiar.

    5. Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$ ft. Rico Love - What About The Rest of Us
    The beat reminds me of The Game song off his (classic) album, Doctors Advocate.

    6. Bad Meets Evil - Raw
    Beat is great.
    Royce is great.
    Eminem... ehhhh.

    7. Slaughterhouse - R.N.S.
    I don't like Slaughterhouse very much, however I do like this song. I wish Royce had a verse or at least did the hook, but the song doesn't suffer from his absence.

    8. The Weeknd - Wicked Games
    So tell me you love me
    (Only for tonight, only for tonight)
    Even though you don't love me
    Just tell me you love me
    (I'll give you what I need, I'll give you all of me)
    Even though you don't love me

    :hovcry: Amazing.

    9. Bad Meets Evil - All I Think About
    Tbh, I really enjoy this song. Both Royce and Em did well, and provided a lot of quotable bars.
    f--- you doing you r-----

    10. 50 Cent - Drama Never Ends
    I remember not liking this song much on my first listen, however I like it now. It's obviously not anything groundbreaking, but it's still a dope song nonetheless.

    11. PRhyme ft. Logic - Mode
    I don't f--- with Logic anymore, but he's not bad on this. His verse had some nice bars. Royce killed it. I guess you can say he's in motherfuckin beast mode haha :3

    12. One Of The Best Rappers OAT ft. Bone Thugs N Harmony - Notorious Thugs
    Objectively a classic.
    I still remember the first time I heard this in grade 10 history class. I'm glad it was included on the project.

    13. Eminem - Phenomenal
    I really like the "I am phenomenal" part of the hook. The female vocals are hard to understand, the verses have some awful lines, and it sounds awful in general. If he were to fix the verses, and the other problems, this would be a good song.
    The beat isn't anything special, but it does its job.

    Overall, I'd give this project 2.5 stars out of five. It's definitely not the worst album I've ever heard, but it doesn't have anything that would warrant revisiting this. Some songs and moments are really good, but the low points bring it down a lot.

    R.I.P. DMX & his various alts.
    You may be gone but your spirit is still here, rubbing yourself sensually in the Em SXN, and wishing death upon the "Young Bug" SXN.
    You'll forever be in our hearts.​
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    Apr 13, 2016
    RIP DMX Eminem SXN will never be the same :mjcry:
    Dec 1, 2023
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    Apr 13, 2016
    2.5 seems fair
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    Dec 1, 2023
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    Apr 13, 2016
    What happened to DMX?
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    Apr 13, 2016
    died from masturbating to much to eminem pics
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