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Best Posts in Forum: Eminem

  1. Koolo
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    Joined: Feb 14, 2011



    Dec 14, 2017
    Lets get shit outta the way
    Note: the album is played backward, castle and arose happens, then walk on water begins into the different sounds

    i said this is the worst em album of all time, and rated it 3...i was very wrong to do so, i have listened to the album in full about 30 times since then, though this is very early...but heres my actual thoughts after everything has sunk in

    i think this album is gonna be received very very very badly at first, but will be very strong in the long run

    This is a very great album

    - His stop and go flow at an all time low, its unbearable at some parts
    - remind me/need me/offended cant be defended, they are three of the worst eminem songs of all time, no way to defend that
    - too many poppy songs

    - CONCEPTS!!, every song in this album has a concept and a story (almost), this is the FIRST album of eminem that does this...this strengthen the album in the long run..the concept behind river, believe, castle and arose are so good
    - Castle, its very early, but this might be the best eminem song post hiatus, the absolute best
    - the rewind part into castle is the best eminem concept of all time, better than stan
    - SOUNDS!!!. this has more different eminem sounds then all the other 8 albums combined, walk on water is poetry, believe is inspirational, chloraseptic is trap, untouchable is rock star, river is pop, remind me is rock, like home ...etc
    - every song happens after arose, and ithink thats on purpose, how he apologize to kim, how he is trying many different sounds, this is the revived Eminem

    usually i overrate the f--k outta eminem albums then went back at it, this time im doing a 180, i thought this album is trash, but its amazing imo...as long as every song has a strong msg and concept, i will be able to come to them years from now (i think).

    if this album was 13-14 songs, this woulda been f--king amazing

    look, its easy to shit on him, at first glance, this is very easy album to shit on..VERY...but i decided to give it a shot and rly listen...bad husband sounded laughable at first, but then i realized the emotions and drive behind it...Chloraseptic sounded like a bad thug song, then i realized Em can do trap rly well..River sounded like another love song, but hey it actually has the strongest love msg he ever created..like home sounded cliche mosh song, but actually he rapped his ass off using a poppy beat...tragic endings sounded like yet another love sky/em song, but its not random this time around, he has a msg he is holding through out the song..framed is actually funny...rly funny in fact..nowhere fast is great...heat IS CRAZYYYYYY, yes content is trash, but beat is crazy..in your head is amazing

    now, into castle/arose..... eminem rewrote his story at arose and went back to castle and changed the outcome, dont get it twisted, this is the best concept eminem ever came with

    now look, need me, remind me, offended will go down in history as embarassement, and its sad, no one can ever defend how bad they are, but i will learn to live with it

    i love this album, its amazing, you say its all over the place, i say all these sounds are on purpose

    thank you Eminem

    Jul 13, 2020
  2. Big Dangerous
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    Big Dangerous

    World Heavyweight Champion

    Sep 26, 2015
    "Marshall, a 42 year old Hip Hop artist, is entering the twilight of his career. As time passes, his flow and musical taste have become increasingly stale, and it's not looking good. Thankfully, one day before a studio session his conscience comes into play."

    Dr. Dre = RED
    Royce Da 5'9" = GREEN

    VERSE 1:

    Alright stop, before you walk in the door
    To record a song about your syllable repertoire
    You better think of the consequence

    I'm ya motherfuckin' conscience
    That's nonsense, go in Em, do yo thang
    Don't be tame, rap the f--king' picture out the frame
    Tell 'em you're the dopest underdog, no Pitbull
    And if them niggas question your syllables, give 'em a fistful

    Yeah but if it goes through like we're used to
    The hip hop community fears you and they'll refuse to hear you
    Before you rap fast again think about it first
    Listen to Right For Me, please don't let it get worse!

    f--k that, spew that shit, show 'em you can spit
    Can you afford a good production crew? Are you that rich?
    Why you give a f--k if people buy this? Are you that bitch?
    Do you really think I give a f--k if it's properly mixed?

    Man don't do it, you shouldn't spit this
    Not over this bit, drop Alex da Kid's shit
    Don't even listen to your yes-men, they're bad for you

    (You know what Dre, I don't like your headphones)

    VERSE 2:
    Now listen to me, while I'm on Preem's beats
    You'll be rippin' wit Ri, maybe Taylor Swifty
    All you gotta do is release a hit single...

    Woah, Shady Records is fifteen years old
    You shouldn't dishonor it's name, it's not fair

    Ayo Em, the new album, you do your own hooks?
    f--k that on the spot there, plug in a female and the fans won't know how she got there

    Man, ain't you ever heard his earlier albums, like The Eminem Show?
    Yeah but the new fans don't give a damn about them, though
    Shit, you wanna f--k up your life's work?
    Man f--k that, go in the booth and lay down a tight verse

    VERSE 3:
    Alright, calm down, relax, start breathing
    f--k that shit, the god MC is eatin'!
    Stay in your lab and never come out for daylight
    And when you're on stage dance like a retard with stage-fright!

    Wait, what if there's an alternative for this shit?
    What, he trips out, falls and mumbles back into '02 as if he never missed it?
    Alright Em, maybe he's right, you'll never sound how you used to
    But that's cool too, just rap like those Changes you were Going Through

    Okay, thought about it. Still wanna be a legit rapper?
    Constantly stop the beat, talk about truffle butter and shit splatters?
    That's what you do Em, don't listen to this retard
    You gonna take advice from a man who doesn't write his own bars?

    What the f--k?
    What's wrong nigga, didn't think we would remember?
    Imma kill you mothafucka
    Nuh uh, temper temper
    Mr. Dre, Mr. NWA, Mr. Beats Pills, making a bill, ya'll better make way!
    How the f--k you gonna criticize this man's decisions?

    There's just something missin, everyone used to listen
    Been there, done that, he needs to take it slow in raps
    f--k it, rap how you want, where's the microphone at?
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2015
    Jul 13, 2020
  3. Koolo
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    Joined: Feb 14, 2011



    Sep 6, 2018
    a week has passed by, oh my !
    and im still on that kami high !

    thought i would start this thread with bars, hi @StanSXN ...its time to get into this

    Not your typical structured song, from a fakket point of view it seems like its all over the place, but for the trained ear, this is Eminem in a boxing match proven why and how he is the best, using many different flows without losing a step...lyrics wise its perfect tho it dwindles a tiny bit in the middle
    best scheme: Line in the sand
    Rating: 9.5

    i have been vocal about my hatred to rappity rap eminem, however he is using it perfectly here, he is actually sticking to a subject unlike his previous efforts..hook and beat amazing
    scheme: m16 (Actually best scheme on entire album)
    rating: 9

    Lucky you
    i wouldnt be surprised if this song is considered Em greatest or in the convo at least in the next 5 years...there is zero flaws in here, absolute perfection
    scheme: what happened to rap
    rating: 10

    this is the weakest song on the album, but even the weakest song on kami isnt bad...he is obviously copyin drake but em has always been shitty with relationship songs due to not having sex in a long time
    scheme: i dunno tbh
    rating: 7

    this album showcased perfectly why personal songs dont work for replay value...while this song is amazing its my least favorite...its too personal....however thankfully the addictive beat makes re-visiting a fun ride
    scheme: singing part in third verse
    rating: 9

    Not Alike
    finally...a royce verse i loved and not corny...phenomenal hook and Eminem sub machine gun with the beat switch is probably my favorite part of the album...it legit scary moment and i am sure kelly farted first time he heard that
    scheme: nina
    rating: 9

    finally...a fun song that works!...this is the first great fun song Em made since without me...and this proves em can get away with some lyrics if the song is actually good
    scheme: the hook
    rating: 8

    i didnt like this at first, it felt too slow for Eminem...but by my third listen i was in love...Eminem doesnt do this type of songs often...it almost felt like a romance song if you didnt understand English...the methodology of this song is say more with less..he owned everyone with saying as least as possible
    scheme: inspired
    rating: 9.5

    nice guy
    song is slept on...hard....i was too sleeping but the alarm hit...song is a must on an album full of hate..full of attacks...we needed someone to remind us Em is a nice guy..addictive hook and beat
    scheme: suck my d-ck
    rating: 8

    Good guy
    i loved this song since the first listen..and i got hated on...slowly ppl admitting how good this song is, sadly not enough verses
    scheme: hurts my core
    rating: 9

    VENOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...my personal favorite song...the energy is absolute phenomenal and not like that shitty phenomenal song
    scheme: marvel that
    rating: 9

    final verdict: too early to call classic but if someone paint you a blue drawing is there a chance that drawing will be red in 5 months? tho i cannot call it a classic yet im sure it will be

    i encourage you all to also rate the album with me
    Jul 13, 2020
  4. Koolo
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    Joined: Feb 14, 2011



    Jan 9, 2018
    Everything aside, there is something called manners in the world, Joe saying he can call Em shit trash and keep it professional is horseshit. He wanted attention like the whore he is. Em is your boss he isnt just a regular rapper. If u wanted rly to help u coulda called paul and not call him out in public u ungrateful piece of shit. U were pushing mixtapes before Em decided to help ur shitty career
    Jul 13, 2020
  5. Koolo
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    Joined: Feb 14, 2011



    Dec 18, 2017
    I feel bad, for people who wont give this album the chance to brighten their life...Revival has one of the best replay value i ever witnessed

    i remember when i had to lie to people or more like lie to myself and pretend to like mmlp2, i used to maybe listen to it once every 3 days for the first month...but revival been on repeat daily when i run when i game when i forum when i drive when i f--k it already has more plays than mmlp2

    so, on to it...this is his most personal album with bad husband/castle/arose...this is his most aware album with walk on water/believe/nowhere fast/in your head...this is his most conceptual album...there is no way around it, this album is a classic...yes it has two turds, but it also has shit tons of classic songs that i will ignore the turds, yes it can work that way..this is his final ranking


    the songs ranking and rating, this is final, not debatable, best songs in order

    Arose 10
    Believe 10
    Castle 9.5
    Bad Husband 9.5
    In your head 9.5 (the second verse is 2 seconds feel before you cum)
    nowhere fast 9 (its about his rap career u f--king idiots, not love song)
    Framed 8.5
    Like Home 8
    Chloraseptic 8
    Walk on Water 8
    Heat 8
    River 8
    Tragic Endings 7.5
    Need me 7
    Untouchable 4
    Offended 3
    Remind me 1

    since i been the most vocal and supportive of this album, and the one who changed the opinion of many people, i have decided to abuse the tag @EminemSXN and use it for my thread, f--k yall
    Jul 13, 2020
  6. Worm
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    Location: New Jersey


    Big Perm Big Worm

    Sep 19, 2018
    To be fair I'd be a little worried if I was Em. Puff has ruined countless careers. They've all been his own artists, but still
    Jul 13, 2020
  7. rapmusik
    Posts: 16,651
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    Joined: Feb 15, 2011

    Nov 23, 2016
    that's a long way of saying "idk shit about em's next album"
    Jul 13, 2020
  8. wfla90
    Posts: 305
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    Joined: Oct 26, 2016

    Dec 8, 2017
    So im hearing that rapping over a rock beat as a white racist police man, then switching to a hip-hop beat and giving the black mans side of the situation, all whilst rhyming great and flowing well without screaming or accents, no double time flow, not rapping too fast to understand or rapping about his mother, no self-loathing, no pop beat or popstar feature and tackling a real-life issue whilst making valid points and standing up for something he feels strongly about makes for bad music?

    The opinions on here from some of you are embarrassing. I understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine, but talking like he should quit or it’s literally the worst thing you’ve heard is quite obviously because you’re stanning on another level and are beyond upset that he hasn’t recreated something he’s already done.

    Jul 13, 2020
  9. Koolo
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    Feb 5, 2017
    Hello SectionEighty


    our Fansdown movement in Studioleaks was huge and it reached many people, its time for us to let Paul and others know we will not accept anything other than classic from Eminem next album

    everyday we shall plan what to do carefully...in groups...so our voice is heard...we shall use twitter as our media

    this is what we do @EminemSXN ... pls, go to twitter...and tweet to paul how much Eminem sucked in the last few years...and how insulted you are by his verse in No Favors..they think it is fine to give us this bullshyt, but its not...everyday, i will formulate a plan to attack until we are respected

    Day 1: Tweet paul at https://twitter.com/rosenberg and let him know how shit Eminem verses has been in the last few years (Only Paul)
    Day 2: tweet Royce at his twitter https://twitter.com/royceda59 with hastag #Fansdown
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2017
    Jul 13, 2020
  10. FullSpeed
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    Joined: Mar 14, 2015


    Dec 18, 2017
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    Jul 13, 2020
  11. Koolo
    Posts: 47,982
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    Joined: Feb 14, 2011



    Nov 13, 2017
    i just listened to his interview again, i have zero doubts Em heard about fansdown movement

    We are the ONLY SITE who shitted on him constantly. Only site. Listen to him say fans kept telling me dont do rappity rap or talk to fast or force words...etc

    That was US. US SECTIONEIGHTY. every other site on the planet rode his d-ck except us

    Think about it. He isnt talkin about kanye fans who dont believe in him. He is talkin about his fans who dont WHICH IS f--king SECTIONEIGHTY

    u god damn welcome u fucks @EminemSXN

    Thank u @Papa Andy for helping me with the movement

    Revival, brought to you by SectionEighty
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    Jul 13, 2020
  12. Koolo
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    Nov 11, 2017
    most can agree that he doesnt make good sounding music anymore, and that is sad and true...but there is no rapper that can paint pictures as flawless as he can, we take his words for granted and we dont think of the depth he goes to showcase his point, the beginning of Walk on water

    Why are expectations so high? Is it the bar I set?
    My arms, I stretch, but I can’t reach
    A far cry from it, or it's in my grasp, but as
    Soon as I grab, squeeze
    I lose my grip like the flyin' trapeze

    if i had to bet, i bet you no other rapper can say the same in this poetic way, most rappers would say one way or another that they cant meet expectations, that if we assume they would be that honest and self aware, but how did Eminem do it? lets connect the first line and the last

    first he says he set a bar so high. he tries his best to stretch his arm, but he cant..he coulda stopped there..but he went on to say that he does sometimes grab it for a minute, but as soon as he strength his hold, he loses it...but lets talk about the trapeze word, that one word links the entire metaphor together , he started by setting a bar, like the one you have when you trapeze, then he stretch his arm...well you get the idea

    the depth he goes for is simply insane, lets go to another line in the song
    It's the curse of the standard
    That the first of the Mathers discs set
    Always in search of the verse that I haven't spit yet
    Will this step just be another misstep
    To tarnish whatever the legacy, love or respect

    the word "discs" felt unneeded in the second line, and i bet most rappers would not have used it and just said "mathers set" but then when you realize it perfect the rhymes of the entire verse it blows my mind, it feel very simple but i only see eminem doing this, lets see

    discs set
    spit yet

    we take him for granted because, and i know this feels very stanish, he is bigger than hip hop, im sure @WPG knows rappers that can paint pictures this good, but in mainstream i fail to find one rapper that can be this poetic, its sad he cant make sonically good music anymore, hopefully he will soon, but let me remind you that this man once wrote these words
    Tryin' to recapture that lightning trapped in a bottle
    Twice, the magic that started
    It all, tragic portrait of an artist
    Tortured, trapped in his own drawings
    Tap into thoughts blacker and darker
    Than anything imaginable; here goes a wild stab in the dark

    it is very hard to compare him with someone who raps the same old hood with good and what have you, he is in a mucher more complex place
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    Jul 13, 2020
  13. M Solo
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    Joined: Feb 15, 2011

    M Solo

    Back on my bully.

    Nov 11, 2017
    Full Disclaimer- I'm not a professional music critic and I've never pretended to be one. I'm just a guy who has been extremely vocal about Eminem over the years and for whatever reason some of you guys care what I think so here I am.

    Anyways, I was originally going to hold off on listening to WOW and listen to the album in it's entirety knowing absolutely nothing about it. That went out the window shortly after it's release yesterday when an old friend texted me "Beyonce lol?". At that point I said f--k it I'll listen to it.

    Eminem has put me in a lose/lose situation as a fan with this song. Look, I spent 5 minutes listening to an extremely honest Eminem acknowledging a lot of the shortcomings and problems myself and a few other fans have had with him over the years. While his honesty and all that is great and I really do wish I could appreciate it.... at the end of the day the entire song was full of these EXACT SAME mistakes that he is talking about. Delivery, flow, ect.... It was just an extremely awkward and clumsy song from a technical standpoint. I don't know how else to say it but it sounds like he forgot how to rap. He sounded like shit. Maybe he meant to? Maybe that was the point of the song and the rest of the album will be incredible. I doubt it but I also have a tough time believing that he really lacks that much self awareness. As for the content, again, I appreciate the honesty but I don't really see the point. A small part of me felt sorry for the man but a large part of me thinks he sounds like a whiney,redundant, beta pussy. He's covered these topics(regret and retirement) before and has done it better. And, he did it over the course of a bar or two. Not an entire f--king song. "f--k my last CD/That shit's in my trash" and "what am I gonna do when the rage is gone?/And the lights go out in that trailer park?/And the window is closing and there's nowhere else that I can go with flows" come to mind. Done and done. I'm at a point now where I just don't want to f--king hear it. I want him to do something about it. I want him to be a God Damn stoic. Like, great, you're finally aware of all of the "missteps" you've took now go f--king fix it and make some awesome f--king music. Oh well.

    With all that said, I don't hate this song. I'd put it a tier above ANYTHING from MMLP2 and somewhere below songs like Fine Line and GOF. I've listened to it 4, maybe 5 times and that's more than anything from MMLP2. I mean there are still songs from that album I never finished for f--k's sake so I'll take this I guess. As for the rest of the song Beyonce was really out of place and I'd have preferred maybe Elton John or Eminem himself. However, the production was great which was a HUGE surprise considering each and every Eminem/Rubin song from MMLP2 was a complete and total unmitigated disaster. So, yeah, while I don't hate this song but I can't really praise it, either. I still have a little hope for this album and I do believe it will have a gem or two on it ala Recovery. We could still get his best post-hiatus album so far. Then again, maybe we won't. That outro was scary to say the least. We'll know a week from now.

    If Shady Records is watching I encourage you tell Eminem that going forward, if he does go foward, M Solo said "Eminem, don't tell me how rough the waters are. Just bring the f--king ship in."

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
    Jul 13, 2020
  14. RG9
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    Oct 10, 2017
    Full freestyle here:



    Holy shit. Get f--king hyped
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
    Jul 13, 2020
  15. M Solo
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    Joined: Feb 15, 2011

    M Solo

    Back on my bully.

    Oct 10, 2017
    That shit was f--king dope and maybe the best thing he's done since his first hiatus. I hate on the guy and with good reason but I call a spade a spade and that was great. I'm really looking forward to this album now.
    Jul 13, 2020
  16. tomroe93
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    Joined: Feb 15, 2011

    Aug 20, 2019
    Whether this is real or made up, you need mental help bro
    Jul 13, 2020
  17. mow
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    Location: Finland


    Red Panda Nation

    Jun 15, 2017
    imagine typing all this, searching for both of those two gifs and attaching them here, and pressing reply
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    Jul 13, 2020
  18. Donkey Kong Cuntry
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    Location: ATL

    Donkey Kong Cuntry

    aliases: mike tyson, joeyp363, girly boy

    Feb 4, 2017
    K finally got around to listening to the Sean album and I thought people were exaggerating before I heard it but my god this actually might be his worst verse of all time.

    1. I doubt this verse was even recorded over this instrumental. It has nothing to do with the subject of the song and sounds awkward over what's an otherwise great beat.

    2. Big Sean is the biggest pussy ever for putting this on his album. Imagine asking another rapper to be on a song with you and he sends you a this random acapella that wasn't recorded over the same instrumental.

    3. It sounds like a freestyle not only because it's about nothing, but because it sounds like it was his first time rapping this and didn't know how to fit the words together to flow on beat. Kanye mumble verse reference tracks flow better and sound more on beat than this.

    4. Neuters his own anti-Trump "message" by talking about raping/beating women multiple times in the same verse.

    5. He literally lists off random objects to fill up bars, not once, but twice:
    And f--k Ann Coulter with a Klan poster
    With a lamp post, door handle, shutter
    A damn bolt cutter, a sandal, a can opener, a candle, rubber
    Piano, a flannel, sucker, some hand soap, butter
    A banjo and manhole cover

    Said I put her face in the furnace, beat her with a space heater
    A piece of furniture, egg beater, thermos

    I wasn't expecting this to be any good, but even beyond the lyrics themselves I don't understand how anyone can defend this as a piece of music. It's unlistenable.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2017
    Jul 13, 2020
  19. DetroitDGAF
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    Locked in Mariah’s Wine Cellar

    Jan 18, 2017
    Said everyone trying to hype their em feature ever
    Jul 13, 2020
  20. cpt awesome WPG joint acc
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    Dec 8, 2017
    Based on @Michael Myers' request, i am back with some unadulterated, honest thoughts on the new Eminem. feel free to tag the sxn, they need to read this.

    ::in b4 eminem starts rapping as the ghost of stokely carmichael::

    So... in hindsight what "Walk on Water" - the whiny, limp but intriguing first single -- is really about is... permission; whether he’s asking or telling, the fact it’s the album opener should, I believe, be an indication that the rest of the album is a pivot to the kind of tracks he wants to make, hence forth. Hence releasing...... "Untouchable" as the follow up single..... a treatise/civics lesson on race that essentially forgets it’s supposed to be a catchy single half way through. What a contrast seeing it listed in the Spotify New Music section this morning. It couldn't be further from what's en vogue, currently...... at least on a music-level. Is that good? welll.....

    In the Malcolm Gladwell interview, Rick Rubin mentions encouraging eminem to listen to Frank Zappa while preparing for the recording. You def hear that "Trouble Every Day"-lite perspective in "Untouchable" -- attempting to tackle social ills with a removed and sometimes caustic POV.

    As Zappa says at one point: "I'm not black/But there's a whole lots a times/I wish I could say I'm not white" Kind of sums of "Untouchable" no?

    Speaking of Zappa, this song desperately needed the virtuosity of something like --wait for it-- "Andy" for the guitar production during the first half. Why does modern rock suck so much now? It sounds like washed off Kid Rock. Then again, given the death of Malcolm Young from AC/DC, I've been thinking about the decline of metal ,like, as popular music, not just a niche genre or whatever. Almost by default "Untouchable" has got one of the most hard rock pop singles at least I’ve heard, almost of default. [edit: keep in mind my contention its better to think of eminem as less a hip hop artist like he's some dude on soundcloud..... and more a rock star in the vein of Jagger, Springsteen, Dylan, a point recently underscored by Elton John in the interview he did with Em. that's the tradition hes apart of now, not this current mumble r&b iteration of rap]

    Few other criticisms: the opening moments - where he is singing quietly - should arguably be the chorus. It amazes me Eminem sometimes stumbles onto musicianship by accident than reverses course, inexplicable. Black boy chorus is very jarring. Is it catchy? Will people like it? idk.

    Like..... the “lions tigers and bears oh my” line is def reminiscent of the moments that first got me into Eminem. It's a one-off, a flicker. Then gone. Anyways:

    The second beat is easily one of the best and most perfectly "Eminem" beats I've heard him on in a long time. Sounds like vintage em production and he flows well over it. I almost wish they discarded the crappy guitars if they weren't going to make them sound 100.... and just used this beat. Though I get the conceit Em was going for, or whatever. He doesn't quite pull it off. And the role playing as a BLM foot soldier/black person is....... troubling. Also, dunno why you guys are slamming his flow (again.... be original). thought it was fine

    And in terms of the content......... it's certainly well-intentioned. In a sense eminem is playing catch up even within the universe of big name rap stars and pop megastars going political. Kanye has built his career around it. Jay and bey had their dual treatises on infidelity and blackness. But in the world of trump this feels equally necessary, doesnt it....maybe just for a diff segment of the populous. (Some of you may rightfully slap the less musical Macklemore vibes here..... but i think it’s harder and more pointed then at least the songs I’ve heard by the Seattle rapper. And eminem is capable of landing more blows anyhow.......... in part given his position as a product of midwestern, working class poverty.)

    So again, like WOW, like the cover..... I'm intrigued, if not a fan of "Untouchable" (he couldve played with this song title a little more btw). I really think, if Shady Records hired a few of us, maybe a committee/focus group including myself, @Swizz etc...... there's a really great, important song buried inside here. It just needs some fine tuning.

    This is NOT a Relapse-style disaster. And it's way more interesting than MMLP 2.
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    Jul 13, 2020