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Former HHS Members - Go Back & Delete Your Accounts [Notalius Exposed]

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by CanadaPure, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. So, I know a good batch of the Hip-Hop Shelter community abandoned ship to come here. I'm kind of just posting it for those members benefit, even though most of us didn't get along very well while I was administrating that forum. That's fine, whatever - But regardless, you guys probably deserve to know that the site is shady.

    Notalius was regularly reading members personal messages with a Xenforo app called [tLk] ReadPC. He lied to many members saying he wasn't using it. If you shared any personal information with anyone through PMs, that shit was unfortunately most likely read by an administrator. I tried to uninstall this multiple times, but he (or his programmer, Ozzy) kept adding it back. I do not know if it still is in use, I haven't been an admin there in a long time.

    Members were banned for mentioning other sites in private messages.

    If you donated the the forum, that money was never really used to do anything past paying random fees and buying a theme. He promised a bunch of shit that was never delivered upon. You can't really do anything about it now, but I think it's good to know how much of an absolute piece of shit he is.

    If I were any of you, I would go back and delete any personal information (emails, what have you) tied to your account. The site is clearly dying anyway, but it just seems like the smart thing to do at this point.

    The site is basically held together with duct-tape and run by a handful of 10 year olds with Napoleon complex.

    They will probably say I am bitter - I couldn't care less, I just wanted to give those of you still around a chance to remove your personal details from a site headed by an idiot who has regularly intruded on users privacy to feed his own ego.

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