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  1. theg


    Dec 13, 2015 i'm hecka helter skelter


    ended his rap career before it even started :wow2:

    my name is theg
    smoking loud while manjula gave me head
    while she tells simha to make his bed
    bout to clown on this mr potato head, check it
    feels like a rapper, poppin xanax, meds
    alone in his room cause he has no friends
    brags to a forum how he's so fucked up
    but no one f--king cares, so he quotes young thug
    stays brown nosing paul thompson's doo
    he wouldn't diss me back without paul's approval
    yeah narsh, we get it, there's no one like you
    flabby fat kid fakket and no one likes you
    see i just pick on you to piss you off
    begging people on twitter just to click your songs
    post it on section eighty, they're like this is awk
    but pretend that they like it cause they pity narsh
    i don't try to ether, he takes care of that himself
    tries to rap like young thug, while embarrassing himself
    i just sit here in my condo, cherishing my wealth
    while he shows a lack of awareness of himself
    destroyed in every battle, he takes weeks to prep for
    clowned by white rappers, so he seethes and gets sore
    dwells a forum, for some self assurance
    til his buddies spam the comment section for him
    never slept with girls, still raps about sex
    bet your fingers shake if you ask one out, kid
    swag's a thousand, you're a wimpy virgin
    every verse sounding like a pissed off nerd and
    I f--k bitches raw high on chemicals and dust
    this song has more plays than anything you've done
    has more posts than he'll ever have song plays
    holding conversation even rubs you the wrong way
    diss me back, i'll just body you faster
    a better rapper than you, and i'm not a rapper
    didn't mean to slay paul thompson's shadow
    chokes on white rappers, chokes in rap battles
    give it up narsh, this is not your practice
    I'll knock you back to your college campus
    where the students all hooked on adderall pills
    with your face on their shirts cause he just got killed
    yeah, i said it, leave the lame c-nt deaded
    your fat cheeks look like theyre 8 months pregnant
    MBAs can't sell shitty mixtapes
    never kissed a girl, so he kisses CA
    i run the forum you couldn't live without
    smoking blunts, f--king your sister's mouth
    poor narsh says he's insecure bout his future
    but it's in the ground

    f--k narsh
    Best poster alive, f--k narsh
    Best poster alive, f--k narsh
    Best poster alive, f--k narsh
    anyone wanna step up, get punched hard

    Best poster alive, f--k narsh
    Best poster alive, f--k narsh
    Best poster alive, f--k narsh
    if you got a problem, have a talk with the buckshot
    #1 theg, Dec 13, 2015
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  2. Koolo


    Mar 14, 2015 SAS IS THE NEW KANYE

    SXN80 will release the new single off "to pimp a butterfly" if you

    get the album back to #1 on preorder list and if it stays #1 for 2 days

    please support the album and spread the word about it, return it to #1 by ordering it here

    i said it before and i will say it again..this is the best album i heard in the last 10 years...the song that we will release is a classic

    i hope you do this not just to hear a new song, but because the album is worth it

    the song will be like a single, it will be great song even as stand alone

    please spread the word...more gifts might come as well

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2015
    #6058 Koolo, Mar 14, 2015
  3. Nori


    May 27, 2015 ☺ Kenneth is my deformed bousin☺

    @Michael Scott and @Sheriff Skippy recently created a "Top 10" posters list. The list however, was never fully revealed to the public due to unforeseen circumstances (@Final ). Contrary to popular belief, I was not #1 on the list, that honor actually belonged to our very own @spurs19 . I had originally pursued this honor due to the prize that came with the title, the USB containing Nut Up. Although I ultimately failed, I was genuinely happy for @spurs19 and I admitted my defeat. So you can imagine my surprise earlier this morning when I received a package from Section80 Headquarters in Saudi Arabia. Inside was a letter from the S80 staff saying that although I had not won, they still appreciated my presence on the site and along with that letter, a consolation prize. Section80, I share with you, my award, no, not my award. Let me rephrase that, OUR award.


    #1 Nori, May 27, 2015
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  4. Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson

    Feb 8, 2016 Pablo Freshcobar

    Disclaimer: I will not be releasing any objective details about the album, this is a subjective post about my thoughts on the album as well as my experience only. These are my thoughts based on two listens only.

    This is still an early mix for sure, I think this is from right around the time he changed the name to WAVES and dropped Nina Chop from the album (Famous is Nina Chop). Only 5 songs sound close enough to a final mix, but a lot of these are just a mess. This album is NOT meant to be heard in this version (hence why I deleted it and will only re-listen when I cop the final version on Thursday) but even from the rough listen I could tell right away why Kanye is so excited about this release.

    Kanye has always furthered the genre though his fearless innovation, but this album almost sounds like he’s furthering beyond the genre, leaving the rest of rap behind. There are a lot of songs carried by arrangement and production alone that each song becomes very much a journey or experience. Right down to the features, no guest artist is used in typical fashion. Rather, their voices are used as instrumentation, whether it be a hook, bridge, or background vocals. We've seen Kanye like this before, but never quite at this level.

    I don’t want to spoil anything, but a few more specific details: as was previously revealed by BLB on twitter, Young Thug is on this album (twice). One of the tracks is unmixed and so I only listened once, but he is definitely reigned in on this album by Kanye. On another track with Young Thug, there is a 2nd featured artist that I will not reveal, but that featured artist really takes the track to another level as he often has in his career. Lastly, Fade is something else. I wish snippets never leaked for this, it's a special track.

    Wolves is not the version from the live performances or the adidas show. It’s been re-arranged, and yes, Vic Mensa is still on it. But this song is something else. My version of the album doesn’t have ULTRA LIGHT BEAM, so the album ends with this song. And honestly, I have nothing but immense exceptions for ULB because I can’t imagine ending the album on a higher note than this.

    Again, I won’t release any specific details because this rollout is different for Kanye. It’s going to be played for the world at the same time on Thursday when he does his show at MSG, and that’s the way it should be heard. I'm not going to ruin this rollout for Kanye. This version of the album should not exist. When Kanye said “album of the life”, I honestly might think that he was right.

    When @Ordinary Joel said that "you don't know Kanye if you think you're getting anything less than 11 new tracks", he was right. Man, Kanye is really the greatest of all time. I can't wait until I hear this again on February 11th.


    SPOILERS: Receipts to fact check after Thursday to prove this is real:
    - This is the Nina Simone sample on Famous (Nina Chop)
    - Kanye opens Famous with "For my Southside niggas who know me best, I feel like Taylor Swift still owe me sex". Young Thug is featured on it.
    - "Checking Media Take Out. Picture of me drunk walking out with a bitch. But it's blurry enough to get the fake out" - 30 Hours
    - "But we finna lose all self control, but you aint finna be raising your voice at me, specially when we in a Giuseppe store" - FML
    - FML features a Canadian on the hook, I won't say who but it's been correctly guessed on here already.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
    #1 Mike Tyson, Feb 8, 2016
    58 58

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  5. Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson

    Dec 27, 2015 Pablo Freshcobar

    #15 Mike Tyson, Dec 27, 2015
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  6. Final


    Jun 1, 2015 Meteor

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  7. YDB


    Dec 1, 2016 3 piece suit and im lookin so cute

    Lmao right after we delete the section im brine
    #4 YDB, Dec 1, 2016
  8. Kenneth


    Sep 19, 2016 Not A Good Mod

    Leaked footage of nori cooking breakfast

    leaked footage of nori crying


    leaked footage of nori taking the train


    leaked footage of nori trick or treating


    leaked footage of nori informing the police of recent criminal activity


    leaked footage of nori exercising his knee


    leaked footage of nori gearing to shit post gay p-rn


    leaked footage of nori's last words after getting caught in a snitch scandal
    #1 Kenneth, Sep 19, 2016
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  9. Final


    Oct 14, 2015 Meteor

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    #4 Final, Oct 14, 2015
    43 43
  10. Koolo


    Feb 7, 2016 SAS IS THE NEW KANYE

    Last edited: Feb 8, 2016
    #1 Koolo, Feb 7, 2016

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  11. Final


    Oct 14, 2015 Meteor

    Anyone that wants to sign up for the tournament, like this post or tag me and say you want to.

    I'll give everyone enough time to sign up before I elaborate.

    Basically, each user will be randomly be given 5 cards and then paired up to fight another user.
    The user with the highest attack total of all 5 cards will be the winner of the battle. Fairly simple.

    Maybe Koolo can reward the winner of the tournament with 1.3k likes (or something) if we get enough people to participate.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2015
    #5 Final, Oct 14, 2015
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  12. Cruz


    Dec 7, 2016


    yeah, we back..
    #2006 Cruz, Dec 7, 2016
  13. Final


    Oct 14, 2015 Meteor

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    #3 Final, Oct 14, 2015
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  14. Kenneth


    Jul 27, 2016 Not A Good Mod

    or is he a mod made by koolo to not only keep the forum safe at night time but have users who post on the daily wake up with likes to make them post more :khaled: im still searching through the evidence boxes for information but the only evidence i have is digital


    i dont know if im over thinking or under thinking or over blinking but i cant allow these thoughts to linger in my head

    NO we must stand together against these robot mods...robot mods...mods...s...what if im the only real human mod...

    what not real...wha..i....

    *Redacted by Ordinary Joel
    #1 Kenneth, Jul 27, 2016
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  15. YDB


    Jan 7, 2016 3 piece suit and im lookin so cute

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    • MC Tunes
    • Kevin McCall
    • Meek Mill
    • Memphis Bleek
    • Vic Mensa
    • Messy Marv
    • Method Man
    • Metro Boomin
    • MF Doom
    • MF Grimm
    • Mia X
    • Mickey Factz
    • Mic Geronimo
    • Mike G
    • Mike Stud
    • Mike Will Made It
    • Mike Zombie
    • Jake Miller
    • Milo
    • Mims[1]
    • Nicki Minaj[1]
    • Andy Mineo
    • Mista Grimm
    • Mistah F.A.B.
    • Mister Cee
    • Mitchy Slick
    • Mo B. d-ck
    • Money-B
    • Monie Love
    • LoLa Monroe
    • Mopreme Shakur
    • Mos Def[2]
    • Mr. Capone-E
    • Mr. Collipark
    • Mr. Criminal
    • Mr. Lif
    • Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire
    • Mr. Porter
    • Mr. Serv-On
    • Mr. Short Khop
    • Ms. Jade
    • Murphy Lee
    • Keith Murray
    • Murs
    • Mystikal
    • Myzery

    • N.O. Joe
    • N.O.R.E.
    • Napoleon
    • Nas[1]
    • Nawawe
    • Nate Dogg
    • Nature
    • Necro
    • Needlz
    • Nelly
    • NF
    • Andre Nickatina
    • Nikki D
    • Nipsey Hussle
    • Nitty
    • No Malice
    • Noah "40" Shebib
    • Nonchalant
    • The Notorious B.I.G.[2]
    • Nottz
    • Nujabes
    • Nump
    • Numskull
    • Nyzzy Nyce
    • Casper Nyovest

    • Oddisee
    • Osman saif eddin
    • OG Maco
    • Oh No
    • OJ da Juiceman
    • Ol' Dirty Bastard
    • Olivia
    • Omega Red
    • Omillio Sparks
    • Oneya
    • Open Mike Eagle
    • Joell Ortiz
    • Olamide

    • P. Reign
    • Petey Pablo
    • Papa Reu
    • Papoose
    • Paris
    • Pastor Troy
    • Paul Wall
    • Peedi Peedi
    • Peewee Longway
    • Percee P
    • Brianna Perry
    • Pharoahe Monch
    • Phat Kat
    • Phife Dawg
    • Philthy Rich
    • Phyno
    • Pill
    • Pimp C
    • Pitbull[1]
    • Planet Asia
    • Planetary
    • Plies
    • PNC
    • Positive K
    • Mike Posner
    • Pras
    • Prince Ital Joe
    • Prince Paul
    • Prince Po
    • Problem
    • Prodigy
    • Professor Green
    • Project Pat
    • Proof
    • Prozak
    • Psy
    • Pusha T

    • Q-Tip
    • Quan
    • Quazedelic
    • Queen Latifah
    • Queen Pen
    • Quincy Jones III
    • Qwazaar
    • Qwel

    • R.A. the Rugged Man
    • Raekwon
    • Ronnie Radke
    • Rah Digga
    • Rahzel
    • Rakim
    • Rampage
    • Rappin' 4-Tay
    • Rapsody
    • Ras Kass
    • Rasheeda
    • Ray Cash
    • Ray J
    • Ray Luv
    • Raz Fresco
    • RBX
    • The Real Roxanne
    • Really Doe
    • Red Café
    • Red Spyda
    • Redfoo
    • Redman
    • Reef the Lost Cauze
    • Reema Major
    • Christopher Reid
    • Reks
    • Remy Ma
    • Luis Resto
    • Rhymefest
    • Rich Boy
    • Rich Homie Quan
    • Rich The Kid
    • Richie Rich
    • Rick Rock
    • Rick Ross[1]
    • Rico Love
    • Riff Raff
    • Rittz
    • RJD2
    • Rob Sonic
    • Roc Marciano
    • Rockie Fresh
    • Rocko
    • Romeo Miller
    • Roots Manuva
    • Roscoe
    • Roscoe Dash
    • Asher Roth
    • Rowdy Rebel
    • Royce da 5'9"
    • Rydah J. Klyde
    • Rye Rye
    • Rza

    • Saafir
    • Sabac Red
    • Sacario
    • Sadat X
    • Sadistik
    • Sage Francis
    • Sage the Gemini
    • Saigon
    • Hasan Salaam
    • Adam Saleh
    • San Quinn
    • Sarkodie
    • Sauce Money
    • Savage
    • Scarface[1]
    • Schoolboy Q
    • Schoolly D
    • Nitty Scott, MC
    • Scotty
    • Scram Jones
    • Scribe
    • Scrilla
    • SD
    • Sean Price
    • Sean T
    • Erick Sermon
    • Sha Money XL
    • Shabazz the Disciple
    • Lakim Shabazz
    • Shad
    • Shade Sheist
    • Shady Nate
    • Shaggy 2 Dope
    • Tupac Shakur[1]
    • Roxanne Shanté
    • Shawnna
    • Shawty Lo
    • Sheek Louch
    • Shing02
    • Mike Shinoda
    • Sho Baraka
    • Shock G
    • Shorty
    • Shorty Mack
    • Shwayze
    • Shy Glizzy
    • Shyheim
    • Shyne
    • Beanie Sigel
    • Silentó
    • Silkk the Shocker
    • Verse Simmonds
    • Sir Jinx
    • Sir Mix-a-Lot
    • Škabo
    • Skee-Lo
    • Skeme
    • Skinnyman
    • Skyzoo
    • SL Jones
    • Sleepy Brown
    • Slick Pulla
    • Slick Rick[2]
    • Slim Burna
    • Slim Thug
    • Slug
    • Will Smith
    • Willow Smith
    • Smitty
    • Smoke DZA
    • Smooth
    • Smoothe da Hustler
    • Sam Sneed
    • Snoop Dogg[1]
    • Snootie Wild
    • Snow Tha Product
    • Soce, the elemental wizard
    • Sole
    • Sonny Digital
    • Sonsee
    • Soopafly
    • Soulja Boy
    • Soulja Slim
    • South Park Mexican
    • Southside
    • SpaceGhostPurrp
    • Clinton Sparks
    • Special Ed
    • Spice 1
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    • Spot
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    • Stevie Joe
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    • Stevie Stone
    • Scott Storch
    • Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind
    • Street Radio
    • StreetRunner
    • Stretch
    • Styles P
    • Substantial
    • Suga Free
    • Swagg Man
    • Sweet Tee
    • Swizz Beatz
    • SwizZz
    • Syd Tha Kyd
    • SZA

    • T-Bone
    • T.I.[1]
    • T La Rock
    • T. Mills
    • T-Nutty
    • T-Pain
    • T-Wayne
    • Target
    • Tay Dizm
    • Teyana Taylor
    • TD Cruze
    • Teairra Marí
    • Tech N9ne
    • Tedashii
    • TeeFlii
    • Tekitha
    • Tela
    • Termanology
    • Timaya
    • Timbaland
    • Timbe
    • Tinie Tempah
    • Tone Lōc
    • Tone Trump
    • Tonedeff
    • Tony Yayo
    • Too Short
    • Torch (American)
    • Torch (German)
    • Tory Lanez
    • Tha Trademarc
    • Trae tha Truth
    • Tragedy Khadafi
    • Tram 11
    • Travis Scott
    • Traxamillion
    • Tray Deee
    • Tre-8
    • Treach
    • Trey Songz
    • Obie Trice
    • Trick Daddy
    • Trick-Trick
    • Trina
    • Trinidad James
    • Trip Lee
    • Roger Troutman
    • Troy Ave
    • Turf Talk
    • Turk
    • Tweedy Bird Loc
    • Twista
    • Ty Dolla Sign
    • Tyga
    • Tyler, The Creator

    • U-God
    • Uncle Murda
    • Unikkatil
    • Unk

    • V-Nasty
    • Vado
    • Vakill
    • Valete
    • Vanilla Ice
    • Vast Aire
    • V.I.C.
    • Vic Mensa
    • Vinnie Paz
    • Violent J
    • VL Mike

    • Waka Flocka Flame
    • Wale
    • Warren G
    • Watsky
    • WC
    • Webbie
    • Chris Webby
    • Kanye West[1]
    • Wikluh Sky
    • Tristan Wilds
    • Pharrell Williams
    • Willie D
    • Willie the Kid
    • Willy Northpole
    • Witchdoctor
    • Wiz Khalifa[1]
    • Wizkid
    • Chevy Woods
    • Jamal Woolard
    • Nicole Wray
    • Wrekonize

    • X-Raided
    • XV
    • Xzibit

    • Ya Boy
    • Yaki Kadafi
    • YC
    • Yelawolf
    • YG
    • Yo Gotti
    • Yo-Yo
    • Young Bleed
    • Young Buck
    • Young Chop
    • Young Chris
    • Young Dre the Truth
    • Young Dro
    • Young Jeezy
    • Young Maylay
    • Young MC
    • Young Noble
    • Young Scooter
    • Young Thug
    • Val Young
    • Your Old Droog
    • Yukmouth
    • Yung Berg
    • Yung Joc
    • Yung L.A.
    • Yung Lean
    • Yung Wun
    • Yung6ix

    • Zaytoven
    • Zebra Katz
    • Z-Ro
    #1 YDB, Jan 7, 2016

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  16. Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson

    Nov 26, 2016 Pablo Freshcobar

    Yup. There is 0 entitlement with this site and its staff.

    No one is making any money from this site, in fact @Koolo is losing $200 a month to keep it up. That's $2400 a year for for those with an IQ lower than 75 ITT (@Immy and @Maximus). And that's just to keep it running - all of the shit he does personally for the community, like buying members PS4s is not counted in that amount.

    I dropped $1500 on this site when it first opened trying to keep up a 50/50 split with Koolo, but at this point Koolo has probably dropped over $10,000 on this place. And he has no expectation of ever getting it back, when we opened the site, one of the first discussions we had was that it was never about the money for either of us.

    And then how about what @Loya and @Slyk have done for this site over the past 2 years? None of us will ever get paid for our work here, but we still work around the clock because we want this to be something that lasts.

    We're here because we like each other for the most part, and enjoy talking music with this community. Being a mod isn't a status thing. It's a responsibility that a few members take on to help the community out. There is no sense of entitlement with this job.

    How corny do you have to be to start a campaign like #Immy4Mod LOL

    The only cornier dude I know on this site is @Maximus who begged to be mod because he managed a Kendrick facebook page for a week.

    Both these dudes are corny as f--k. I would perm ban both of you, and I wanted to, but every single staff member said that it was going to far.

    Hopefully you guys aren't pathetic enough to stick around though, especially considering no one likes you two except y'all two. Being butt buddies prob strengthened that bond tho.
    #76 Mike Tyson, Nov 26, 2016
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  17. Ordinary Joel

    Ordinary Joel

    Jul 27, 2016 Found a new way to flow

    #10 Ordinary Joel, Jul 27, 2016
    37 37
  18. JMG


    Jan 5, 2016

    "I will literally cut out your asshole and feed it to your dog while your naked little sister watches.. then i will make her clean it up " yelled Koolo. We weren't sure what Mimi did to deserve it but we kept our mouth shut. Things were heated on a divided S80 after the Cool Cats thread disappeared in the middle of the night. The staff denied having any part of it but Able didn't buy it. He was pissed and he had a gang of angry cats ready for war. The admins suspended all mods until they figured out what had happened. The conspiracy was real but the motive was unsure and there was no suspect. Sure there was speculation that it was Koolo himself but he had just praised the Cool Cats and chat threads. He would never do something that he thought would hurt the forum. No one thought it was Mike Tyson or Loyalty and Slyk was too busy with 2.0.

    I want a f--king explanation right god damn now, this is such bullshyt" cried a confused Able. He didn't understand how they didn't know what happened as there should be evidence in the mod logs. Koolo was just as confused as he explained all evidence was erased. The only one who had a problem with the Cool Cats was JMG but he had been retired for weeks and what could he have done? Did he hire a hacker to delete the thread? Many people had guesses on what happened but time passed and people started to move on. The thread discussing it was closed and a new Cool Cat thread was already at 1000 replies. Able was finally unbanned after threatening to kill Koolo and things appeared to be back to normal.. until we heard a weeping noise from the distance. The whole forum heard the screams as it was a notification popping up from the corner.. It was a distraught Narsh shaking in fear looking like a puppy with no place to go as.. Whats wrong the forum asked...

    "the young thug section..... its gone" whimpered Narsh as tears flowed down his face.

    To Be Continued
    #1 JMG, Jan 5, 2016
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  19. Nori


    Dec 17, 2015 ☺ Kenneth is my deformed bousin☺

    #71 Nori, Dec 17, 2015
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  20. Koolo


    Jul 19, 2016 SAS IS THE NEW KANYE

    To be interviewed next by Koolo, you have to join new group @Interviews by clicking the link here

    i will pick someone from this group to be interviewed on a regular basis

    Thank you Jason for doing this, my first someone who poineered the trolling game and a grandfather to the forums scene, what do you feel changed most in posting now compared to a decade ago?

    Thanks for having me, its a real honor. The forum game has changed significantly in the last decade. When I first started my career there was much more activity for one. Social media has played a big role in that. I think its still going strong though and we still have great communities that can have in depth and mature discussions. You can defiantly tell its a new generation of posters though that have been influenced by what society has taught them. Not a lot of free thinkers these days. You still got the trolls though but not as much now. I think maybe someone came and destroyed all competition and people gave up cause they couldn't compare. So not much has changed at all besides the evolution of mods and what not. I stayed the same too since day one and won't ever change, this will always be my life.

    Interesting, do you feel new posters in general are aquired pussies? or just grew up as ones by the PC era?

    I would say a little bit of both. Of course the PC culture has brainwashed the youth and we see the result of that here. I feel out of place a lot of the times. My opinions are getting less popular as times goes on and im trying to be silenced for it. People want me banned for simply saying BLM is a hate group. You got male posters sucking d-ck and bragging about it acting like its okay. I never would of thought it would be an issue for me to state that it isn't natural. I can't believe i'm the only one saying it anymore. A gay poster wouldn't of lasted a day years ago. A member being gay is not why im upset though. I am pissed cause I can't call them a fag anymore without people CrYing.

    who do you feel still holding the old ways of posting on S80?

    Honestly not many people. You have done a good job leaving the toxic nature in the past. I applaud you for that because it was getting out of hand. Especially with exposures. I guess theg being banned pretty much ended all ties to SL. I feel like I have adapted well and kept my style in tone with current rules and the environment. I think I don't get enough credit for that and how much I have matured. Although I think beefs should be allowed especially in OT just to keep some of our roots because we do have great history and should never forget where we came from. Even though some of it gets old and boring, a lot of it can be entertaining and you can tell by the amount of people viewing certain threads that get locked.

    BLM, do you feel they are racists?

    I compare them to ISIS. People are blind for them to act like this movement is not responsible for division and mass murder of innocent cops. You can't fight hate with hate. This all started because a thug got killed for grabbing a cops gun and now we got people in the streets destroying cities. Of course they are racists and even terrorist. The media has done a good job convincing the masses that police are the enemy though but BLM should be careful because white people will stand up. If black lives matter so much then maybe stop killing each there? That would be a start. Not blame the cops that get in the middle of the black on black crime and act out of fear. Thats all it comes down to is fear and that is what people are being taught on both ends. Nothing good is coming from the movement. The only awareness they are bringing is awareness to ignorance of idiot liberals.

    do you feel white people of this generation should be held responsible for slavery?

    No, we should be thanked. We took some people from another country and made them our bitches and they helped make ours. Why do we have to put a color on it though? Slavery has been going on since the dawn of time. They're was black slave owners. Guess who ended it in America though? You guessed it and you're f--king welcome. We don't owe you shit, you have freedom. You can always go back to your homeland and die from AIDS if you like.

    what would you change about BLM if you were their leader?

    I would treat them as a cult and lead them into a mass suicide. Shouldn't be too hard considered how easy the media can manipulate them. f--king idiots.

    what is something considered racist now by the common man that doesnt make sense to you?

    Somply being white is racist even to other white people.

    would you marry a black woman?

    I have had sex with many black women but I couldn't marry one simply because I believe that our cultures are too different and its not something that would work out.

    what do you think about the gun law in the US?

    If all guns would be gone tomorrow then I would be okay with that. I am not okay with the idea of taking away the right to have a gun when bad guys will always have no problem getting one. I don't wanna wake up one day and know I can't protect myself from thugs, terrorist or even our own government. I would meet in the middle with the laws and do tougher background checks though. But bad guys will always find a way to get a gun so why make it hard for law abiding citizens?

    who is worse, Mexicans or Asians and why?

    I have never once had any problems with Asians, great people. While Mexicans can be a great asset to this country they need to understand they need to follow the laws. If they come here they must put America first. I have a Mexican friend that was born here but he was rooting for Mexico over USA in soccer. That to me is not right. A lot of crime on the border that needs to be addressed also. Obviously Asians are the better people and blacks and latinos could learn a lot from them

    people compared Obama to ISIS , would you agree?

    Obama might as well be the leader of ISIS. They hate America and our president turns a blind eye to them so yes I would agree. He is letting them grow and take over the middle east. I am worried he might pledge his allegiance to them and do something crazy before he leaves office.

    what is your favorite rap song of all time?

    I can't stand rap music. It is all just a bunch of noise to me. I did use to like some when I was a teenager but I matured and now only listen to actual music rather then a bunch of thugs talking over beats.

    favorite rap album of all time?

    I couldn't pick just one. The first rap album I bought was The Documentary by The Game and I really think that album is flawless. Although I feel the same about the Slim Shady LP. G Eazy's new album might be up there also. Hip Hop needed a breath of fresh air and his album is an instant classic in todays era.

    alright, i will throw things at you and gimme a member name
    Best member

    Well I am the first poster that came to my mind so I will go with that and say I am the best. I really don't read other peoples posts enough to compare work though to be honest.

    funniest member

    @Worm by far. @YDB has been making me laugh a lot though. He reminds me a lot of myself but doesn't copy me like Final and MS.

    most fakket member

    I would say @MTY. Obviously @Cyreides is actual homosexual but atleast he admits it. Pretty sure @Narsh is probable out there sucking a little d-ck too.

    lamest member
    Would have to be @dr nonsense aka Farkle. He is just a giant cornball who tries way too hard and has never once done anything funny. I think he needs medication but thats besides the point. Everything from his videos to the way he spells his name and his names periods are just so f--king lame and gay. f--k him.

    PCest member

    @Enigma no explanation needed. The guy is just a pussy.

    i hope he dies tomorrow during sunrise member

    Well I would never wish death on any poster but I would say the world would be a better place without @WPG. He is a white guilt stricken liberal piece of shit race traitor. I bet his idol was Al Sharpton growing up and his music sucks too. The arrogant prick needs to stop thinking his opinion is gold because its not worth shit and I bet if we reviewed his life we would see he is a sad lonely loser who was bullied growing up. His parents did a horrible job on raising him. I really wanna beat the shit out of him, infact I am going go do that now.

    @OffTopic BS
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
    #1 Koolo, Jul 19, 2016
    35 35

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