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Kendrick Lamar diss Eminem and other mainstream artists

Discussion in 'Kendrick Lamar' started by Koolo, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Koolo


    Dec 1, 2014 SAS IS THE NEW KANYE

    "When I was younger I was caught into trying to make a radio song," Kendrick said. "[I was] chasing something that was only for the moment, you're not chasing longevity so the more and more I was focusing on artists that embody something bigger... I actually started developing myself to a whole another level than I could possibly imagine."

    Kendrick Lamar also recalled the moment he knew he wanted to be a rapper.

    "First time I heard my voice played back [it was like] I got to be doing this," he said. "This is like crack, it's like crack."

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