LOL! The Game Feels The Same Way As Most About The Soulja Boy/ Chris Brown Beef

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    (AllHipHop Rumors) By now you are either fed up, dissapointed, or entertained by the ongoing beef between Big Gucci Soulja Boy and ganster singer Chris Brown.

    West Coast rapper The Game seems to have his own response to their ridiculous e-beef.

    The Game leaned on Menace II Soicety to seemingly express his feelings about this Hip Hop & R&Beef quarrel.

    Game took to his Instagram to post a subliminal message to show his apathy towards the two artist’s internet word war.

    Yesterday [earlier in the day of course] Chris Brown accused Soulja Boy of trying to apologize to him and squash the beef, but neither party had really given in all the way until Soulja issued another apology once his mother was hospitalized

    Soulja Boy got internet embarrassed yesterday as it seemed like he got jumped and got his phone jacked while on Instagram live claiming to have ties to the Piru gang. Another video from a different angle surfaced showing Soulja Boy acting like he really wanted to square up, however we all know SB is really not about that life.

    Can anyone tell me why they are so interested in trying to “be hard” instead of things like paying it forward or making more money etc.?




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