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Luke's Official List of J. Cole's Fart Lines

Discussion in 'J. Cole' started by Cool Hand Luke, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Cool Hand Luke

    Cool Hand Luke

    Dec 23, 2014 born sinner is mediocre


    Bitches always on my d-ck, I wear a condom when I shit.
    - On & On

    Shittin on niggas like a nigga was still a baby.

    - The Come Up​

    Motherfucker, I'm the shit, I pass gas when I feel.
    - Sky Boy​

    Aye this is big shit poppin', you gon' need a plunger.
    - Heartache​

    They say I'm like the human body, I produce my own shit.
    - Royal Flush​

    They light a fire under my ass nigga my shit hot, even if you squatted under volcanoes nigga your shit not.
    - Waterbreak

    These niggas thinking they the shit and they ain't even farted yet.
    - Last Call​

    I be shitting on my niggas and my dough be farting.
    -The One​

    Nigga, eat a d-ck, we the shit, no flushing.
    - Disgusting​

    You wanna know how I know I'm the shit? 'Cause I keep clogging up the toilet.

    I'm on that shit as if I was the flies.
    -Premeditated Murder​

    I potty train niggas, yeah, this that teach you 'how to shit'.
    - Bun B For President​

    I'm the shit, you the stools.
    - Wireless Festival 2010 Freestyle​

    You the shit only cause I digested you niggas.
    - See It To Believe It​

    I let you feel like you the shit, but boy you can't out-fart me.
    - Dollar & A Dream III​

    Swallowed the key to my cell, which means,
    I got an impossible lock to pick,
    And if you want my spot you gotta go through lots of shit.

    - The Cure​

    Now they tell me “man you like the realest shit I ever smelt."
    - The Cure​

    f--k is that smell? I smell bullshyt, it must be an election year.
    - Get Free​

    I'm the shit you the shit stains.
    - Backstage verse at Kendrick Lamar show​

    Grew up in this bitch without a pot to piss, no toilet, how ironic, I took a lot of shit
    - Tears For ODB​

    She put up with this shit like she work at the zoo, true
    - Sparks Will Fly​

    If your shit don't stink, nigga, my ship won't sink
    - Revenge Of The Dreamers

    Straight shitting on these piss poor rappers, I'm back
    - Everybody Dies

    What's that smell, where's your diaper shit here
    - She's Mine Pt. 2

    JCN fam forever.​
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2016
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