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    1. Mano
      Mano Jul 12, 2011
      Check your rep
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    2. Amarett
      Amarett Jul 8, 2011
      lol .. nm .. have a bit of downtime to play with the minions
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    3. Asif
      Asif Jul 6, 2011
      like u avy
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    4. 4LS
      4LS Jun 28, 2011

      It really is the definition of pathetic. I would feel bad for him if he wasn't a fa----.
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    5. 4LS
      4LS Jun 28, 2011
      "you gonna keep mentioning my name bro? maybe you and captain america or whatever should have a nice tea party and discuss it. you're just seething because i'm in that top 10 for negging s--- posters and not fiending attention online. you're the one being called out as a rep whor- while i'm being mentioned amongst some of the greatest posters from RB and here."

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    6. Mano
      Mano Jun 20, 2011
      Check the Gentlemen group, c----
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    7. Asif
      Asif Jun 15, 2011
      idk if stew is thinking about the same grinding as we are john
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    8. Stew
      Stew Jun 14, 2011
      No plans except work. I might be getting promoted soon and moving again so I'm excited about that prospect. Otherwise summer is the same for me as well, just more work grinding.
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    9. Stew
      Stew Jun 14, 2011
      BJ, things are good, but busy. Real life is shockingly becoming my extreme focus now. I haven't had a lot of time or motivation to view forums and don't foresee I will for a while. How is your summer going?
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    10. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 18, 2011
      d--- now youre shittin your pants when im online?
      you should see a doctor or a specialist of some sort dork.
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    11. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      why would i take a shower when your grandmother sponge bathes me?
      and whats really awkward is you out here tryin to "troll" people
      (id call it taking out aggression... but whatever)
      telling them they are worthless. and youre here everyday.
      not for music.
      nor for movies.
      but for friends.
      and e-beef.

      0 0
    12. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      and just cuz you still wear "boss jeans" dont make you a boss.
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    13. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      its funny yall say i look like ricky from trailer park boys... but your a--- talk like him.

      "kids go through phrases"
      "sorry i wasnt born with a golden fork in my mouth"
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    14. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      and the correct termanology is stinking the place up.

      reading is FUNdamental!
      0 0
    15. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      whats the matter? you MAD?

      why you tryin to asert a point by typing certain words in all caps?
      and i didnt say s--- about rep r-----... i said what you gunna do now ask your sac tappin fa---- friends to get your back?
      0 0
    16. Big John
      Big John May 17, 2011
      have you even read my visitor messages you f---ing brain dead sloth? stinking the place out AND f---ing everything up with your LAME sense of humour. and NO i didn't ask him to rep you, but it's not surprising, you ARE an unfunny fa----.
      0 0
    17. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      and since you hopped on my profile and left a visitor message...

      im sure you got what my profile pic means... right? eh, im too confident. of course you dont.
      it meant all you fa---- dragon ball z fans should k--- yourself.
      0 0
    18. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      you gunna have your "friend" ua call me unfunny again?
      cuz ill show this site to yet another crowd of people and laugh as they say "what a bunch of fa----s."
      0 0
    19. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      jesus... at least i dont wear pampers ya f---in childish dweeb.

      and if your gunna post on my profile... make up somethin worth everyone seein you f---in r-----
      0 0
    20. pHiLLip fARkLe
      pHiLLip fARkLe May 17, 2011
      and should
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