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    1. Stone_Cold
      Stone_Cold Jan 22, 2017
      drinking beer.
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    2. Stone_Cold
      Stone_Cold Dec 6, 2014
      drinking beer
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    3. Kon
      Kon May 14, 2011
      I'm thinking probablay not just cuz I'm lazy and have never brought a sign before. But believe me when I say that I plan to be on TV and be noticed, lol. Whether on Raw or at the PPV, or hopefully both. You shall see me. Plus I'll be right behind the announcers so if I yell loud enough, you can probably hear my voice on the PPV. haha. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    4. Ayo
    5. Ayo
      Ayo May 4, 2011
      anytime brah...just holla if u need anymore...i forgot how to do it at first but after doing it i remember how easy it anytime brah! :emoji_beer:
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    6. Ayo
      Ayo May 4, 2011
      MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service let me know how it is brah
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    7. Ayo
      Ayo May 4, 2011
      im just uploading it to megaupload...i had 2 copies one normal quality one, thats the one im upping its 331 mb...the high quality one is 700 mb lol so once this ones upped let me know if its ok if not il up the other one :emoji_beer:
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    8. Ayo
      Ayo May 4, 2011
      i left that bit in coz i thought u might want it as it was part of his appearance on raw :emoji_wink:
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    9. Ayo
      Ayo May 4, 2011
      yo brah ive basically done it, what i did was i left the hhh/austin segment in because that was right before he came out ad the video ends with him leaving is that ite???
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    10. Ayo
      Ayo May 3, 2011
      working on it now brah
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    11. Ayo
      Ayo May 3, 2011
      i dont normally keep them but if u want i can try an download the part 2-4 merge them and cut out the bits he aint in, so u will have his entrance segment exit...if u want brah??
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    12. Kon
      Kon Mar 31, 2011
      Forget that rep I just left you asking if they show all WWE PPVs, lol. I just re read your post and realized you clearly said they do. My bad man, I'm tired as h--- and already half asleep lol. That's an awesome way to watch it though. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    13. Kon
      Kon Mar 14, 2011
      Try to enjoy Raw tonight man, even though Stone Cold won't be there most likely. and Rock won't be either, not live at least. Good news though, Snooki will
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    14. atheem
      atheem Feb 21, 2011
      yo dawg let me know if u gonna up ur ones...u got more then me homie i only got 7 lol i posted the names of the ones i got anyway dawg let me know the homie...thanks for the was returned
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