Mount Eerie Performing New Music at First Show in 2 Years

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    Phil Elverum has announced his first Mount Eerie concert since September 2014. The free show will take place on Friday, January 6 at the Business record shop in Anacortes, Washington. In a series of posters on the Tumblr for his record label, Elverum writes that he will perform 11 new songs, and that the acoustic show will last for about 45 minutes. He also “warns” attendees that the music will be about his late wife Geneviève, who recorded her own music as Woelv and Ô Paon. He writes:

    These songs are about Geneviève getting diagnosed with bad cancer, dying, and then the feelings and events and realities of life afterward. If you are a person who says “passed away” instead of “died” you might be uncomfortable and unhappy.

    See all of Elverum’s posters here. Recently, Elverum’s band the Microphones released a new album of old material called EARLY TAPES, 1996-1998.

    Watch Mount Eerie’s “The Place Lives” music video, via

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