Offset kicked off plane for talking on phone

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    Feb 11, 2017
    The Migos’ Offset recently had to make a change of plans, after he claims he was kicked off an American Airlines flight for using his cell phone.

    The rapper took his issue online, sharing his account of the incident in a since-deleted Instagram post. “f--- American Airlines,” he starts. “p---- a--- n----s kicked me off the plane for motherfucking talking on my phone. And he was a Black n-----. You a real ho. Lame a--- n-----. Don’t get mad at me ’cause you work at the airport. f--- American Airlines. Don’t nobody need to take that cheap a--- flight anyway.”

    After showing off a large amount of cash to further show how unbothered he is by missing the flight, he continues to go in. “f--- American Airlines. That’s the s--- you send your hoes on,” he adds. “And I’m ’bout to take a private on y’all hoes. Kick me off the plane, I’ll go private.”

    The Migos member will surely have an ally in his anti-AA campaign in Vic Mensa. Last year, the Chicago rapper was kicked off an American Airlines flight after he claims he was defending a fellow passenger.

    Offset has recently been in the gossip column after rumors started to circulate that he was seeing reality show star Cardi B. People started talking when video surfaced of the two attending the Super Bowl together. They have since be spotted again, out and about.

    Check out Offset’s vent session below.

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