Poll: Have You Had COVID?

Started by Slyk, Jan 6, 2022, in Life Add to Reading List

Have you had COVID?

  1. No - Vaccinated

  2. No - Unvaccinated

  3. Yes - Vaccinated

  4. Yes - Unvaccinated

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  1. hargydon
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    Jan 13, 2022
    I’m in the same situation, person I’m living with tested positive & got over it (they were fully vaxxed & struggled heavily with it), yet I didn’t catch it throughout the whole period & because of how long the PCR tests had taken to retrieve the results back, I’d stopped being cautious in the house (which was silly but oh well).

    But all I can think of is I may have natural immunity through an asymptomatic case I never knew I had previously & slipped through the cracks of my testing intervals, that’s the only thing I can gravitate towards preventing me from catching it where I’ve almost certainly been in multiple contacts of the virus within the last 2 weeks.

    Happy about the situation, but extremely confused lol.
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    Jan 20, 2022
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    Jan 14, 2022 at 2:06 AM
    This thread killed my last brain cell
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    Jan 20, 2022