Rap video leads to 20 men arrested for illegal gun possession

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    Dec 12, 2018
    A rap video featuring NFL Cartell Bo and Maxo Kream lead to the arrest of 20 suspected g--- members for illegal gun charges.

    According to Click 2 Houston, a police investigation began back in March when the two Houston rappers were shooting their rap video for "Hoova."

    Maxo and NFL Cartell Bo were shooting the visual next to Hillard Elementary School in Houston around the same time students were dismissed from class. Some of the students actually appeared in the video. But neighbors watching the s---t also saw guns out openly and called the police.

    When the cops arrived, several people fled the scene and left their guns behind. Overall, a dozen loaded guns were confiscated at the video s---t. According to police, the extras holding the weapons were all documented street g--- members and rappers. Police also found drugs as well.

    Two months later, the "Hoover" video was released and police used it to track down every person who appeared in the clip. So far, the visual has racked up two million views on YouTube.

    In the end, 20 people were arrested and charged with illegal possession of a weapon.

    NFL Cartell Bo, whose real name is Warren Brown, was charged with illegally possessing two assault rifles (as a convicted felon) and threatening a police officer on the way to jail. He was later released on bond and ordered to wear an ankle monitor. But, according to police, Bo cut the ankle monitor off and disappeared without a trace.

    Brown and eight other g--- members remain on the run, and four others were on probation or parole, according to police.

    Another man, up-and-coming rhymer Kenyon Tennessee, who appeared in the video holding a child, died before police could charge him. Tennessee was shot and killed in November along with another man, outside a local nightclub.

    Police said that 11 of the suspects are either in state or federal custody, while nine suspects remain wanted for numerous open warrants.

    There's no word if Maxo Kream, real name Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah Jr., was charged with any crime. The H-Town rapper just released a video for "Roaches."

    Overall, this is a classic case of when keeping it real goes wrong
    Jun 7, 2023
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    Dec 13, 2018
    Saw this s--- on my local news lol.
    Jun 7, 2023