Slim Thug Ruins Credit by Having s3x With His Real Estate Agent

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    Mar 27, 2015
    Slim Thug messed up his credit by having s3x with his real estate agent. ”Who would have known that s3x would lead to losing money? Obviously, I didn’t,” said Slim Thug in an Op-ed for the New York Times. In the article, Slim talks about how having a s3xual relationship with his real estate led to financial problems.

    The Boss Life rapper writes that a few years ago, he was trying to take advantage of a new program President Obama was offering homeowners. Through this program, Slim would receive a.ssistance with a short-sale deal and lenders would settle for a sale price below what was owed on his mortgage. In an attempt to participate in this program, Slim sought out a real estate agent, and it all went down hill from there.

    “It didn’t take long to find an agent, and over time we became very close,” he wrote. “In fact, we became too close and found ourselves at a point where pleasure became more important than business.”

    As a result of the relationship, people were left with “hurt feelings, mixed emotions and resentment.” According to Thug, business took a back seat because feelings were involved. He ended up missing the deadline to participate in the short-sale program.

    “I ended up in foreclosure,” writes Slim. “So not only did I lose out on money from a potential sale, but I ruined my credit as well. I’ve suffered financially from not being able to do business in my own name and probably lost around $200,000 directly and indirectly through my mistake.”

    Lesson here? Never mix business with pleasure.

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