Song of Ice and Fire theories about Ned Stark and more..

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    First off, if you only watch the show there will be some spoilers.. But I have some theories about Ned and the rest of the Stark's that I have not heard or read yet, let me know what you think.

    I have read the 5 "game of thrones books" and am now reading some of the additional SoIaF books by GRRM so know quite a bit about the world.
    When Ned dies there are quite a few things that are abnormal even for this universe:
    First off in the book when Ned dies the chapter was in Arya's perspective, we did not hear Ned's final thoughts and do not know anything more than what Arya knew.
    Bran and Rickon both had a white dream and knew their father "died" Rickon mentioned that Ned was in the crypt of Winterfell shortly after the head chopping.
    Before Ned left he spoke with Jon and said that he would tell him about his mother the next time they see each other (by now we all know the theories about his Mom and Dad)
    The last person Ned spoke with was Varys he is a man of knowledge that can help just about any scenario, who knows what additional info they discussed (maybe about Griff)

    Fast forward to book 5, during Bran's training he learns that some Wargs can transfer their minds to animals and take over, or they can jump from animal to animal. An example is shown with Jon Snow, he probably transferred to Ghost before he died..

    So my theory is that before Ned's head was chopped off he transferred his mind to a Crow and took off to Winterfell's Crypt, this is when Rickon realized his dad was there..
    Ned stayed down there for some time with the intention of leaving something for Jon to tell him the truth about his parents, after a while he flew to the Wall as a very well know Crow that is currently with Jon all the time.. He then changed to Arya's Wolf about the time of the Red wedding and pulled Lady Stoneheart from the river saving her life. Arya didn't know how to control the wolf yet so Ned did it..
    (the rest is a little bit farther out there) In Book 5 there is a Ghost of Winterfell moving the swords which protect the Stark spirits and keep them in their graves. This is also Ned's doing, he knows that ALL the Starks have the ability to take over animals and is planing something huge for them. We have already seen that all of the Starks except for Sansa has already shown some ability to be a Warg. This is there family's Power, similar to the Targaryens having the blood of the dragon. Bottom line All Stark's can be Wargs and Ned is alive in the Crow at the wall.
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