Space Goat Plans More Evil Dead 2 Comics, Coloring Books and More

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    Feb 17, 2017

    Space Goat Productions announces new line of Evil Dead 2 comics and published material to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary

    With the ongoing success of the Sam Raimi/Robert Tappert/Bruce Campbell-steered TV series Ash vs Evil Dead clipping along at a steady, sanguinary pace, it seems Evil Dead culture is stronger than its ever been. That’s a very good thing. And today Space Goat Productions, in partnership with StudioCanal and Creative Licensing, has just announced they are extending their license for their popular Evil Dead 2 comic books for another three years. And on top of that, they plan to release an Evil Dead 2 adult coloring book, art book, and hardcover omnibus based off of the Evil Dead 2 comic books all this year, in order to celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary.

    “For 30 years this year, Evil Dead 2 fans have shown their thirst for quality Evil Dead products know no bounds,” said publisher Shon Bury. “Fortunately for them, we have the same thirst.”

    The Evil Dead 2-themed coloring book will be unveiled at Emerald City Comicon in March 2017.

    “The team at Space Goat has a knack for finding talented writers and artists that can pay tribute to the iconic Evil Dead 2 brand,” said Director of Business Development Stephanie Kupperman. “We are thrilled to continue to work with them and have them bring new stories to fans.”

    A new four-issue comic book mini-series, Evil Dead 2: Doppleganger Wars, is scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2017 and will feature Ash Williams going against an army of Ash doppelgangers. The adult coloring book, art book and hardcover omnibus will also be released in the latter half of 2017, along with anniversary editions of already released trade paperbacks.

    Go to the official Space Goat Productions website to learn more.

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