TV Squid Game (SPOILERS)

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    Nov 9, 2021
    i'm not saying that you missed the point of the ending, but you definitely missed the connection w/ the pink hair. it was clearly him embracing/coming to terms with his time in the games -- it's no coincidence that the hair was the same color as the workers in the games.

    as far as the ending goes:
    the meaning of the show came to light in the final scene w/ the old man: society discards those in need. we step over the homeless, poke fun of those less fortunate, and aren't inclined enough to help one another as human beings; we use or excuse each other for our own benefit or entertainment; the group-thought is that it's easier to turn a blind eye than it is to help; nobody cares; just toss out the people who are circling the drain, because there's no point in doing otherwise and any effort is a lost cause.'s about humanity and humility.
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