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SXN80: A Beginner's Guide

Discussion in 'Issues & Announcements' started by Slyk, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Slyk


    Oct 5, 2016 i got beam, i got flash

    In response to the influx of new members & ktt refugees, i wanted to point out some of our functionality so that shit like this doesn't happen again and make me sad enough to check myself like cudi:
    :currydead: here ya go -- a visual list of some of (by far not all) the functionality we've worked tirelessly on these past 2 years (holy shit -- it's almost been 2 years):

    1.) Day/Night Theme Toggle

    2.) Mobile App
    o shit waddup there's a f--king App. layout/theme is optimized for mobile + equipped with push notifications to your phone. get it on the Apple App store for iOS, or on the Google Play store for Android

    3.) Custom Smilies
    upload your own custom smilies, add mnemonics, use them everywhere


    4.) Mention Groups
    subscribe to different 'mention groups', which allow you to be notified (or notify others by tagging the group) of news, songs, artist info, etc. relating to that group topic

    5.) Quick Forums
    customize the forum, allowing you to see only the threads of interest to you, in a single click

    6.) Giphy Integration

    7.) The Portal 2.0
    we've recently replaced the old Portal with a new, alternate version. the original Portal was more of a dashboard view of the forum, and it didn't really take off since we ended up integrating the og functionality from there throughout the rest of the site. Portal 2.0 is more of a blog-type view of what's currently poppin here. Automatically updates, and is where our base url directs to today. some visual updates are needed here...soon

    8.) Bookmarks
    pretty straight-forward: bookmark posts you want to revisit later
    (be sure to bookmark this post now :futuaface:)

    9.) Media Auto-Embeds

    auto-embeds content from over a hundred of the top media sources. just copy/past the url (no need to use any embed code or special urls)
    ABC News, Amazon Product, audioBoom, Audiomack, Bandcamp, BBC News, Blab, Bleacher Report videos, Break, Brightcove, CBS News Video, CNBC, CNN, CNNMoney, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Coub, Dailymotion, Democracy Now!, dumpert, 8tracks, ESPN, Facebook, Flickr,, Fox News, Funny or Die, Gamespot, GameTrailers, Getty Images, Gfycat, GitHub Gist (via custom iframe), Global News, GoFundMe, Google Drive, Google+, Google Sheets, Healthguru, Hudl, Hulu, HumorTV, IGN, IMDb, Imgur, Indiegogo, Instagram, Internet Archive, İzlesene, JW Platform, Kontinental Hockey League (КХЛ), Kickstarter, Kiss Video, Libsyn, LiveCap, LiveLeak, Livestream, Mail.Ru, Medium, Metacafe, Mixcloud, MRCTV, MSNBC, National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Video, NBC Sports, NHL VideoCenter, NPR, The New York Times Video, Oddshot, Pastebin,, Podbean, Prezi, Reddit threads and comments, Rutube, Scribd, SlideShare, SoundCloud, Sportsnet, Spotify, Steam store, Stitcher, Straw Poll, Streamable, Team Coco, TED Talks, The Atlantic Video, The Guardian, The Onion, TinyPic videos, TMZ, Trailer Addict, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Ustream, VBOX7, Veoh, VEVO, Viagame, Video Detective, Videomega, vidme, Vimeo, Vine, VK, Vocaroo, Vox, WorldStarHipHop, The Wall Street Journal Online, XboxClips, Xbox DVR, Yahoo! Screen, Youku, YouTube, Zippyshare

    10.) Multi-Person (Group) PMs

    group PM chat with multiple members, using commas to delimit the participant list.
    else, the op can also open up the PM to allow the other person to invite additional participants.


    20 additional features listed in the posts below... continue reading or sign-up now to explore
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016

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