Boxing/MMA Best Posts: Floyd Mayweather signs to fight with Rizin FF

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    Nov 5, 2018
    Floyd is going to outweigh Tenshin by 30+ pounds on fight night lol. I honestly think Tenshin could still KO him with a clean rolling thunder.


    His signature move. Of course, that depends on the ruleset and what not. Tenshin last fought an MMA fighter in a kickboxing match, former UFC flyweight contender Kyogi Horiguchi. Was a pretty compelling match with Kyogi troubling him early.

    This is pretty much a farce given the weight disparity, but at least the world will be exposed to a great talent in Tenshin. He's not the best Japanese kickboxer at his weight, that honor goes to Takeru who is older and more accomplished, but he's definitely the future.
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