The danger of abstract beauty

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    Jul 22, 2020
    "let the music take control, just dont let the evil doers abuse it and use it to take your soul''
    DOOM is speaking about the danger of abstract beauty. There is nothing behind it of substance, nothing you can back it up with that resonates with reality.
    "met her out in killer queens''. Queens had a certain sound in the 90's, mobb deep, nas, cnn for example all used certain melodies which were captivating. Their lyrics were not particularly conscious rather they connected with people on a subconscious level.
    "Mommy look, he talking to himself and walking fast on the ave, hawkin a--- with his walkman on blast''
    So we see DOOM now with mental health problems, minding his own business, keeping his raps to himself.
    "only the best you can get off the black market''
    "Tell it, find these truer h--- strategies, sell it like chinese duracell batteries, two dollar''

    What do you make of MF DOOMS lyrics, are they just random rhymes or is there something more cryptic or sinister involved?
    I may be talking complete s--- but my interpretation of this blows my mind. Thats why its quite difficult to explain. I spent a long time trying to put these thoughts into words. No worries if you are confused.
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