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Mixtape TPK - Never Fell Off

Discussion in 'Creative' started by Autistic Meme, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    People have doubted TPK for too long, people have said that I have actually fallen off. That is hardly the case; this mixtape proves that I have and will never fell off.

    This mixtape is for the people who are lame, stupid and holding the game back. You people can suck it because you will never rap, produce or make albums/mixtape like this. Keep thinking that you're controlling the game because you're not.


    1. Reintroduction
    2. Reality Check
    3. My Glamorous Life
    4. Grim Reaper Costume
    5. Autistic Holocaust
    6. Tell My Friends
    7. Get at Me
    8. T. Karras Pt. 2
    9. Why Did I Care?
    10. Zombie
    11. Respect
    12. I Live It (So What?)
    13. No More
    14. Say It to My Face
    15. Never Fell Off
    16. Outro for the Doubters

    @handsome b wonderful @YDB @Papa Buff

    Thank you members of for making this mixtape possible.

    Lyrics and commentary coming soon.

    EDIT: Lyrics are here.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017

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