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TPK's Top 5 posters

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Autistic Meme, May 19, 2017.

  1. It's going to be like that Future list I promise. It's all about the people here.

    Here it goes.

    1. Final
    This guy is like Mew from Pokemon. From what I read, when he was starting out, he was making forum games and trying to find his way but thanks to some pointless beef that I instigated, he evolved into the best poster alive. He doesn't need to make forum games nor fit in anymore, he just does whatever the f--k he wants.

    He's number one because all of his recent shit has been out of the box shit from the responses to the attitude. I might even believe he had something to do with making the forum great again by calling out all the shitposters and even getting rid of some (RIP DMX). I admit, I might of disrespected him but hey, he's the best he's ever been so that's why he's number 1.

    2. theg
    This guy is innovative. Ever since the beginning he had his own personality and created several cliques that I didn't fully understand or respect until now. He does a lot for this community; he makes beats, he has unique avatars, he was going to even hook SXN80 up with Mario Party (thank you lack of interest) and it pays off a lot. Getting to know him and getting to understand him, I look back at the time he was banned as the worst time in SXN80 but even though there's a lot of inactivity now, we're in the best era of SXN80 we can possibly be in. There's more good members than bad members now.

    3. Coco
    This guy is the most nerdy of us all but also the most aware and the most provocative. He'll call you out on anything if it's bullshyt because he knows bullshyt. This guy has been around the internet more times than me so his knowledge is reputable. He knows how to piss people off but at the same time will be friendly if you manage to appeal to him. (for lack of a better term, maybe being nice...) This guy is more than a plus member. He's the best Australian member here, ever, to date. Good ideas, good execution and ruthlessly savage.

    4. Koolo
    I'm putting him in this list mainly because of the fact that he perpetrated himself in pop culture. How many albums can you claim that have someone calling out someone from the Arabic countries? Hell: The Sequel is notable (not exactly enjoyable per say) mainly because Koolo influenced the f--k out of the EP. Where he lacks in coding skills, he makes up for in his personality. He gets what he wants every time and while I don't agree with certain decisions, he has managed to make SXN80 what it is and keep it afloat for years to come. Royce Da 5'9 would kill me if he knew I was on his site; I freestyled for him in LA and he was not really impressed but impressed I thought it up from the top of my dome.

    5. Skippy
    This guy is influential as f--k, he smokes a lot of drugs and speaks a lot of truth. Everything I've ever read from him happened to be correct, including the stuff about the EminemSXN. This guy knows his music in and out, specifically from the region he's in and well... he cares about the growth of this site. This guy knows how to insult people and make himself feel superior, I saw him insult the f--k out of that J. Cole fan and that moment will last forever in my memory even though I can't remember the name he used at the time. Brash and bold, this guy is something. Only reason why he's last is because I didn't want to face the wrath of Koolo. I still love ya though.

    This list is my opinion, not fact. If you disagree, put your lists and opinions below.


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