Twitter Users React To Orlando Brown Reportedly Leaking His Own Sex Tape

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    (AllHipHop News) Orlando Brown is once again a top Twitter trending topic.

    This time the former That’s So Raven cast member is not being discussed on social media because of an outrageous interview clip or video of a violent conflict with a woman.

    Brown reportedly released his own sex tape for the world to see.

    According to BET, the explicit footage was uploaded to Instagram before being removed from the platform.

    That deletion did not stop the Brown tape from quickly spreading across the internet.

    Twitter users then reacted to the images flying across their timelines.

    The 29-year-old actor (and part-time rapper) has been the subject of news headlines for months.

    Brown’s comments about engaging in sexual acts with his one-time co-star Raven-Symoné went viral in 2016.

    why the hell is orlando brown’s sex tape on my timeline this was supposed to be a good year i hate yall

    — mads (@flatlinesagb) January 2, 2017

    one day into 2017 and so far we’ve got:

    • “hollyweed”
    • orlando brown leaking his own sex tape

    this is gonna be one for the books.

    — grammar nazi [​IMG][​IMG]‍♀️ (@armanibowman) January 2, 2017

    Orlando Brown sex tape WTF, … this nigga was sucking her titty like he was trying to suck a wendy’s frosty thru a straw.

    — black king (@_theboulron) January 2, 2017

    So Orlando Brown leak a tape of him getting some [​IMG]”ooom bop, adooyaya skippidy uuumm bop, yeah yeah”[​IMG]

    — Tariq Nasheed (@tariqnasheed) January 2, 2017

    Orlando brown leaked his sex tape today so maybe we get to see him giving someone that mmbop ba boo da du bop ba do dap yeah yaaey

    — Luci Nixon (@bringblueskies) January 2, 2017

    Orlando Brown sex tape gotta be the worst type of p-rn ever[​IMG], this some shit you find on page 50 on pornhub

    — black king (@_theboulron) January 2, 2017

    This nigga Orlando Brown really drawlin, nigga leaked a sex tape [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    — Niko Wavy (@NikoUgly) January 2, 2017

    You can smell that Orlando Brown sex tape through your screen. It smells like old bus seats

    — JamakeComedy (@Jamake0602) January 2, 2017

    Me: there’s no possible way 2017 can get off to a crazy start
    2017: *Orlando Brown aka Eddie from That’s So Raven leaks his own sex tape*

    — Common Gay Boy (@CGBPosts) January 2, 2017

    Orlando Brown’s sex tape was disappointing………. i was expecting some wild ass shit

    — pimpce$$ (@ParissaXo) January 2, 2017

    im just gonna pretend like i didnt just see that orlando brown sex tape @ 8 am.

    — b (@arealglitterb) January 2, 2017

    This is the future Raven Symone couldn’t see[​IMG] Orlando Brown releasing sex tapes 2 days in to 2017[​IMG][​IMG]

    — Will H. (@Will_CLT_2017) January 2, 2017

    Me after watching #OrlandoBrown sex tape he leaked himself [​IMG]

    — alex (@PrinceeAlyxx_) January 2, 2017

    Orlando Brown sex tape

    — Notch (@Notchypoo) January 2, 2017

    Orlando Brown “leaked” his own sex tape..?

    — Tamantha Jones ☕️ (@TheTamiJ) January 2, 2017

    #OrlandoBrown sex tape release

    — eiramj (@uglygrl90) January 2, 2017


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