video: Sacha Baron Cohen crashes right wing event

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    Jun 29, 2020
    Sacha Baron Cohen Crashes Right Wing Event, Leads Absurd Sing-Along

    Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again. On Saturday, the comedian crashed a meeting of the Washington State Three Percenters in Olympia, leading a sing-along and generally disrupting things.

    It is unclear if the appearance was yet another installment of his Who Is America? program, the first season of which aired on Showtime. Reps for Cohen and Showtime have not yet responded to emails seeking comment.

    Meantime, the comedian was creating his own brand of chaos at the meetup.

    “Who wants to chop ‘em up like the Saudis do?” asked a bearded, overalls-wearing Cohen,

    The “March For Our Rights 3” event, which counters a 2018 student-led “March For Our Lives” demonstration in the wake of the Parkland High School shooting in Florida, is pro-gun and staunchly conservative. Which is why Baron’s sing-along efforts were all the more absurd.

    Before a crowd estimated at about 500 people, Cohen sang an untitled song urging listeners to attack liberals, CNN, the World Health Organization, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and “mask-wearers.”

    The proposed vectors of attack were either injecting them with “the Wuhan Flu” or “chopping them up like the Saudis do.” The crowd cheered the lyrics and Cohen’s anti-Semitic taunts (the “you-know-whos”) and anti-Asian jabs (“nuke ‘em up like we used to do”).

    lmao this is great, season 2 of his new show I assume? also according to a comment on the video, he came back after in a different disguise to get people's reactions.
    May 31, 2023
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    Jun 29, 2020
    Absolutely disrespectful. Hate this guy. He brings shame to the Red Baron Pizza family.
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    May 31, 2023
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    Borat 2 when
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