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when can we talk about how bad Russell Wilson's step sons father dropped the ball

Discussion in 'Future' started by Lover, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Lover


    Sep 14, 2016 nvhngjnfh lol

    2016 was not how we all envisioned it... Now I give some credit for staying longer than his quality did but I also have recognised how out of sync mainstream audiences are when he gets away with playing a 2 year old 8 project ago song on national television while he's an active artist....

    The year of Monster 2. Beast Mode 2 now 16) & Ape Shit has instead given us

    Purple Reign
    E.T. (Yes this trash counts no debates because 56 Nights is also a DJ Esco project if you forgot)

    WOW.......where did the hunger go?????

    Not to mention he had to watch Desiigner go #1 for doing his best Future impression.

    Seahawks (1-0)
    Desiigner (1-0)
    Past (0-3)
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