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Where do yall think music is headed?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Charlton01, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. With this new generation of mumble rappers I wonder where hip hop specifically is headed, part of me knows lil yatchy and uzi verts and the like won't really last long but also part of me knows that even if they fade, that style and standard of music might not?

    Like I'm all for being open minded when listening to music, but it really really seems like little to no effort is put into a mumble-rappers tape/project, or maybe i dont know enough to hear the good shit, but damn, like I don't know of a single person that really fucks with that whole movement, yet they seem to be blowing up bigger than ever. Who goes to a yatchy/vert concert? i'm really curious to know their demographics and why they poppin so much.

    And im not even hating on em, i'm legitimately trying to understand what about them and their music works.

    Whats your take on the status quo? If you're a fan of the above mentioned or mumble rap in general i'd love to hear your thoughts.
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