Atmosphere - Seismic Waves (LIVE)

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    Lyrics (I tried to make them out the best that i could. The ??? represents the lines or words I couldnt fully make out or understand):

    "Armageddon started because he wasn't that hard to miss
    Didn't trip the alarm on ya hybrid carbon footprint
    them darts are rigged
    Ima big fan of carbs and my artists prints
    It's a marginal (?), yet the cards won't hit (?)
    Its like trying to borrow a (???) from a starving kid
    be thankful your stars are lit
    Or ya might get caught between (???) and s---
    The armor fits to stay out of harms grip
    The karmas a b---- so when your heartbeat quit
    consider all the death you've invested with
    the shoes, the booze, the phone that you texted with
    disrespected, get (?????)
    but the species still seem to be trending
    from the friend zone all the way to the kremlin
    The devil give a f--- about a flagger and emblem (?)
    Things aint been the same since Travyon
    Things aint been the same since Reagan
    Things aint been the same since the days when the gods went crazy and broke the languages
    We tryin' to make these papers
    Aint got the privilege to exhibit the patience
    Gone next week so tonight we live
    We got (?) lives to save, seismic waves

    ?????? and kiss myself
    But I've been working all learning to resist myself
    I used to think criticism was the definition
    fish swimming up a river full of pessimism
    I wanna catch one beer, hand it
    clean it, cook it, and feed it to lazarus
    All around the planet its the same as Minneapolis
    Everybody looking for a little love and happiness
    I know a man the size of rain (??)
    It knows drugs only hide the pain
    Turn up the temperature, high as a plane
    We're not sequeters (?), time to train
    And you can keep Christopher Walken with the s--- that you talkin
    You can't take it with and ??? when you coughin
    It's a ??? I didn't give it much thought and
    Just wanted a mouth full of nipple and a zippo in my zipper pocket
    I remember when the whole world stank like an ashtray - the good ole days
    I used to laugh when somebody said the good ole days
    but they was good cause we did ???? look both ways
    Cross the roadway - like everything will be okay
    Before we go the f--- away like a snowflake
    Gone next week so tonight I'm tryin to reach
    those seismic ?? those seismic waves.

    Interesting beat.
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    Patiently waiting for the cdq..
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