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Best year musically of 2000s+? (lists inside)

Discussion in 'Music' started by Cunner, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Cunner


    Jun 18, 2017 belter skelter

    just been scrolling thru and found myself looking at all the best of lists of years in the 00s and just found it fascinating since i was a kid then and obviously didnt keep up w/ music like i do now so i started thinking about what i would rate as the best year this millennium and how they compare with the albums from 2010+ but yea anyways check out this site to refresh your mind and post what you think was the GOAT year in the 00s-10s so far.
    (interesting af site if yr a music nerd btw great for finding new stuff to listen to)

    i got

    2007 :banderas:
    burial - untrue
    radiohead - in rainbows
    mgmt ~ oracular spectaculr
    Panda bear ~ person pitch
    Animal collective ~ strrawberry jam
    justice ~ cross
    bon iver - for emma, forever ago
    arcade fire ~ neon bible
    daftpunk ~ alive2007
    jens lekman ~ night falls

    etc etc etc. so stacked whew im still looking thru them so i might change but posts urs

    edit: 2000 is amazing, 10, 11 are nice af too
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