Eminem BigChUnGuShErO‘S MTBMB initial Reaction/Review (welcome to others perspective and reaction)

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    Jan 18, 2020
    Okay I know that this has just has just came out but this is just a initial review.

    1. Premonition (Intro)
    This was a great intro track for me I’d make it his 2nd best intro track to a album (post overdose). I’d honestly put the ringer above it. This track sets the tone for the next 3 tracks, I would say the whole album but let’s be honest this album feels more like a mixtape then a album. 9/10

    2. Unaccomodating (feat. Young MA)
    Well this track has a love hate relationship for me, I honestly thought Young MA was going to come out way hotter then she did. Not to say that she wasn’t great I loved the verse, and em did his thing had a really kami style vibe to it. Overall decent track.

    3. You Gon’ Learn (Feat. Royce da 5’9 & White Gold)
    A lot of people have mixed feelings with this track, the beat is very experimental, Royce cake in and did his thing. Eminem had that verse that I thought was better then his verse on the track before, I love the track.

    4. Alfred (interlude)

    5. Those kinda nights (Feat. Ed Sheeran)
    This seems like a attempt at a club hit, and for what it is it’s actually fun, way way better then river or remember the name. But I’d still would t replay this all the time 6/10

    6. In Too Deep
    Oof another love song but this time it’s not as cringe as I thought it would be it’s nothing to horrible like I wanna insert pens into my eye sockets and feel the blood dripping down from my ear holes. But like it’s forgettable for me. Next

    7. Godzilla (Feat. Juice WRLD)
    the first posthumous vocals from Juice, honestly it works with the hook, Eminem’s got some lines in the song that are fire, idk what the point was to rap that fast in the 3rd verse was of the audience you’re reaching for Has lines go over their head easily overall it’s a decent track and RIP Juice.

    8. Darkness
    Now this song is one of my favorites on the album it shows that he can still tell a story in a song. Plus the whole song was a double entendre, this honestly should have been what nowhere fast was on revival. Lousy mixing Great attempt for the beat and sample
    Amazing storytelling

    9. Leaving Heaven (feat. Skylar Grey)
    First verse flow was meh, The second verse was pretty good but the third verse is what kind of redeem is this song along with the Outro of the track. Skyler Gray was actually decent on this track usually she is meh

    10. Yah Yah (feat. 5’9, Black Thought, Q-Tip, Denaun)
    I hated this beat and chorus it felt like I was in rush hour traffic with angry drivers road raging. Besides the beat tho everyone cane through with their verses. it’s what saved the song for me 6.5/10

    11. Stepdad (intro)

    12. Stepdad
    This beat sounds like something like my mom for me. It’s a funny track for me, those white kids who have a confederate flag hanging in their room will be playing while they seduce their cousin also em rides the beat very well too.

    13. Marsh
    This is another funny witty song and the beat is very nice, it’s got some hilarious lines and he rides the beat so great. The hook is catchy for me too.

    14. Never love again
    Another love song it’s not as bad as people make it to be, it’s a fun little tune and my a guilty pleasure of mine 6.5/10

    15. Little Engine
    I honestly like this one fun little slim song that clings to me when I play the album. Hook is very addictive for me. Not like popular belief I play this song a lot and kinda love it.

    16. Lock It Up (feat. Anderson Paak)
    Love this song so much Anderson paak comes in clutch and his verses are decent (as bubbles from trailer park boys would say)

    17. Farewell
    Don't really care for this track at all, the hook makes me cringe dont really pay attention to it that much.

    18. Lock it Up (feat Don Toliver)
    Great song and don came in and did his thing. Eminem came in on this song with both verses. I love this track.

    19. I Will (feat. Slaughterhouse) [well most of them]
    This was in my opinion was the best track on the album they all delivered and Eminem omg that hook was vintage and that verse gave me goosebumps.

    20. Outro

    I think this album is great for someone who is 47 or 48 and overdosed. And I’m just happy he is making music and doing something he loves. Compared to his other albums I’d put it right next to kami. Nothing like his first three albums.

    overall album score


    Let me know your ratings or favorite tracks, or even let me know what tracks I should look over again maybe give another chance. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.
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