Blueface Could Face Up to 3 Years in Prison for Felony Gun Possession | Complex

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    Feb 21, 2019

    BY FNR ZAY | Feb 21, 2019

    Blueface is catching heat as the "Thotiana" rapper was charged with the possession of a loaded, unregistered handgun.

    According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, Blueface's charges stem from a Feb. 1 arrest that saw him released on $35K bail. Prior to the gun being found by authorities, the police presence reportedly cause several of Blueface's associates to flee the scene, leaving their firearms in the process. Despite Blueface's team insisting the gun was not his, the 22-year-old artist and two other men were arrested in relation to the incident. Now, he is facing a felony charge that carries a maximum of three years behind bars.

    These charges come less than a week before Blueface is due in court for another gun case. In November 2018, Blueface was allegedly involved in a robbery and vehicle-to-vehicle shootout. After the car that was carrying the rapper crashed into the median, he was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. This felony was reduced to a misdemeanor gun possession holding a potential penalty of a year in jail. Blueface pleaded not guilty in December.

    Complex has reached out to Blueface and his team. His next court date is Feb. 27. Just a few days ago he and Cardi B dropped a video for their "Thotiana" remix.
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