Eminem Book Of Rhymes 3rd verse (Appreciation)

Started by Marshall III, Nov 5, 2021, in Eminem Add to Reading List

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    Nov 5, 2021
    097EACAE-8F85-430D-877F-A9E958CA143E.jpeg I believe this is the best he has come to matching the Original MMLP1 since his return:
    “Haven't used all the tricks I have, so like my balls, it's in my bag
    I tend to get a little testy when I'm mad
    But gift of gab and pen to pad turn temper tantrums into anthems
    Put lips to a--- and kiss the cracks, spit your damnedest
    You're still gonna hit the canvas
    Rippin' rappers, veterans to whippersnappers
    Mr. Mathers is killin' this s---, villainous wit with scant less
    Syllables rip the planet, biblical s---'s fittin' to hit the fan
    Anybody wanna go t-t for tat's gonna get hit with that
    Then the amygdala hippocampus is gonna trigger the ignoramus
    To think of the most ridiculous s--- to spit then
    Pit it against these pitiful rappers
    Insidious, these idiots wittiest s--- against me s-----y as MC Hammer's”
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    Nov 27, 2022
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    Nov 5, 2021
    Clearly one of his best recents songs
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    Nov 27, 2022
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    Nov 5, 2021
    Yeah it's pretty brilliant
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    Nov 27, 2022
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    Nov 7, 2021
    Just the ending part
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    Nov 27, 2022
  5. Michael Myers
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    Nov 7, 2021
    Joy and pain, fortune, fame, torture, shame, choice I made
    Swore someday the world would pay less to lose
    More to gain, daughters raised
    Yesterday, glory days, adored and praised, ignored the hate
    Addressed the fake, toured with Dre, tore a page from Jordan came
    Destroyed the game before you came, enjoy your stay
    Before it's gone away
    But the more you claim that you're gonna point and aim
    If it joined a g---, your s--- isn't going to b---
    You're just boring, lame and more of the same
    You have an enormous chain, but a stormless brain
    The most you can form is rain
    Your s--- is pointless, same as a scoreless game
    So, b----, quit lyin', you're denyin' like Mr. Porter's name
    Borderline bipolar disorder since my stroller
    Eyes rollin' back in my skull like Eli Porter
    Fire mortar (brr) rounds, Ayatollah, every iota I load up
    I owe to my motor mouth
    This is my note to self
    Sometimes you're gonna bomb
    So you just might have to blow yourself up with no one's help
    I just wrote it down in my book of rhymes
    Preemo, take us out

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    Nov 27, 2022