Boosie Dropping Back To Back Albums

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    Mar 23, 2020
    Boosie Badazz is battling boredom by blasting out albums at a bedazzling rate, beginning his back-to-back barrage next Monday.

    You may love him for the antics, but Boosie Badazz didn't become the fan-favorite he is today through comedy alone. Over the course of his career, the Baton Rouge rapper has built up a prolific catalog of material ranging from studio albums to mixtapes. He's seen success and done prison time, seen friendships dissolve and reality TV deals arise, never wavering from his unapologetic principles -- whether you like it or not.

    Like many of us, the larger than life artist has found himself practicing the subtle art of self-isolation, doing his part to fight the spread of the highly disruptive and deadly coronavirus. In between prowling Instagram Live for breast sightings and running a firesale on verses, Boosie has decided to bring things full circle, back to where it all began: the studio.

    In what might very well be the least enthusiastic album announcement of all time, the Badazz confirmed that he'll be delivering back to back albums on March 30th and April 13th, both Mondays. "s---, the corona got s--- f----- up," he muses. "So starting next Monday, every other Monday I'm dropping an album. f--- It. Let's get it." As of now, Boosie has yet to reveal a title for either project -- will you be checking them out when they arrive?

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