Drake Drake and Baka controversy!!

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    Dec 21, 2018
    I have been seeing some tweets regarding Baka Not Nice, saying that he is a sex trafficking kingpin or some other bullshyt. So in other words, people are reposting the pic that Drake posted last week with Baka saying stuff like "How does no one know that Drake has a sex trafficker right behind him?". What does Drake have to do with this? He doesn't make choices for his friends and cohorts, so it is pointless to blame him for it. I guarantee that Kanye has more than a few shady people that he affiliates with and yet everyone decides to overlook it because Kanye is a "genius"

    There are also lots of other areas where they harp on Drake super hard, but they let others slide on the same issue. For instance, the oh so famous topic of ghost writers.... it is common knowledge that 90% of Cardi B's debut album was ghost-written and yet she has Grammy noms and people give her so much credit... They give Drake hell for SUPPOSEDLY using Quentin to write one song for him. Drake even responded to this claim in Duppy saying that he was trying to help the guy find a place in music. Using writers does not make you a shitty artist. Drake can actually write bars. Rap purists really get on my f--king nerves these days.... not everyone is Nas or Hov but then again, we are not living in the days of old hip-hop anymore. If we were, the shit that Pusha T pulled in TSOA would have been cut the f--k off. Let Drake slide a little because whether you like it or not, The Boy is the most successful artist of this generation.
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    we're gonna talk about e

    Dec 21, 2018
    What the f--k is a Baka
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    Dec 21, 2018
    baka is an absolute ばか!!!!!!!
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