Drake Drake flew Sophie & Adonis Out to spend X-Mas together

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    Jun 2, 2018
    Drake might not be as bad a dad as we thought.

    It seems that Pusha T's "border patrol" line may not be completely accurate, as sources say that Drake has reportedly been to see his alleged baby mama, Sophie Brussaux, and his possible son, Adonis, several times since he was born.

    According to TMZ, Drake has been actively involved in the parenting of Adonis, despite having not yet acknowledged the child publicly. It was previously reported that Drake has been sending checks back to help support his rumored son, and that he was planning to reveal his kid to the world on his upcoming album, Scorpion. While those plans have since been ruined thanks to Pusha T, it appears that wasn't the extent of his parenting.

    According to the report, Drake actually flew Sophie and Adonis to come see him and spend Christmas together. They weren't flying in coach either, as Drake allegedly had them chilling on a private jet on their journey.

    Of course, there's still no word from Drake as to whether Adonis is really his son or not. Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, has completely denied the accusations that his son might have a secret child, but the evidence appears to be mounting. Though it might be smart for him to play it safe considering Adonis might not be the only kid that Drake has to worry about.

    It seems we'll all have to wait for Scorpion to drop this month, or for Drake's response to Pusha T, to find out the truth behind the rumors of Drake's fatherhood.
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    Jun 24, 2018
    the OVO sweatshop doing damage control shippin these press releases out lol
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