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    Apr 9, 2021
    I don't know if you guys seen this, but its pretty interesting and I wanted to share it with yall. If this was already posted, please delete. Enjoy!

    There were layers to this song before it was even released:
    -Eminem did a 7 minute video playing Pac Man.
    -Eminem releases the track "Killshot" 7 days after Pac got shot, towards someone with Pac Man tattoos.
    -One of Pac's albums is called: The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.
    -Killshot is also the name of a movie where the main character "Colson" gets shot down by an experienced gunner; MGK's middle name is Colson.
    -At the end of the track, Eminem talks about the call that got Pac shot and killed.

    And for those who think I'm reaching by trying to tie together all these dates and numbers, take this line for example:

    "Say you got me in a scope, but you grazed me
    I say one call to Interscope and you're Swayze"

    "Meaning if he called Interscope he'd dissapear"

    "Swayze" is synonym for "Ghost" and "gone/disappear"
    "Ghost" was a 1990 movie with Patrick Swayze, who's character is murdered and is left to roam the earth as a powerless spirit.

    Killshot was released on the anniversary of Patrick Swayze's Death (September 14th, 2009)

    MGK refers to himself as the Ghost of the future.Patrick Swayze was in a movie called Ghost, but also died on September 14th (release date of Killshot). And there was also a rapper called Shwayze who was essentially a one-hit wonder (if even that).

    Em played pacman on instagram for 7mins thinking of a masterplan dissing a kid with pac man tattoo's--releasing it 7 days after pac died.

    Also I found this:
    B311 easter egg - Lethal injection go to sleep [6] feet deep. I give you a for the effort but if I was [3] foot [11] you'd look up to me...
    It may be a coincidence but if you google 6B311, there is a flight from Stockholm to Rhodes (Greece) and 2 dates:

    previous was: 14th September (killshot release)

    next is: 21st September (MGK new album)

    Also if we push it, the flight company is TUIfly Nordic / Eminem is on his Nordic Track.There are plenty more like the Lox and jadakiss (jade a kiss hailey jade) one(insane wordplay just search it).Lox is a hairstyle which MGK used/uses + lox is a rap group and jadakiss is the name of one of their folks.

    "Rihanna just hit me on the text
    Last night I left hickeys on her neck"
    (Referring to MGK's diss track where he said Eminem is too afraid to ask for her number)

    -"Insult me in a line, compliment me on the next"
    (Mgk kept complimenting Eminem like a fanboy)

    -"Was watchin' 8 Mile on my NordicTrac"
    (MGK said the only time Eminem saw 8 mile was at his treadmill, Eminem confirms saying he saw it at his NordicTrack which is the most expensive treadmill)

    -"Realized I forgot to call you back
    Here's that autograph for your daughter, I wrote it on a Starter cap"
    (Stan reference, How MGK is just a bitter fan who never got his idol's attention)

    -"But how you gonna name yourself after a d--- gun
    And have a man-bun?:
    (No need to explain that)

    -"Say you got me in a scope, but you grazed me
    I say one call to Interscope and you're Swayze"
    (Swayze here is a synonym of Ghost, Meaning Eminem says how his one call can make MGK disappear from Interscope)

    -"But I'm 45 and I'm still outselling you"
    (No need to explain)

    -"But you're a f---in' mole hill
    Now I'ma make a mountain out of you, woo!"
    (Em by calling MGK a molehill /someone relatively unimportant, Says he will make a mountain out of him /giving him undeserved attention)

    -"Gunner? b----, you ain't a bow and arrow"
    (MGK named himself after a gun but Eminem thinks he is nothing, not even a bow and arrow)

    -"Playin' dead, that's the only time you hold still"
    (MGK calls himself a gunner and a gunner holds still while aiming but Eminem says MGK is nothing. He says the only time you hold still is while you play dead)

    -"Are you eating cereal or oatmeal?
    What the f---'s in the bowl, milk? Wheaties or Cheerios?
    'Cause I'm takin' a s--- in 'em, Kelly, I need reading material
    (In MGK's diss he says all Eminem does is stay inside and read a dictionary, MGK is also something out of a bowl in his video, which completely unrelated to the video)

    -"Luxury, oh, you broke, b----? Yeah, I had enough money in '02
    To burn it in front of you, ho
    Younger me? No, you're the whack me, it's funny but so true
    I'd rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you"
    (Eminem was way ahead of MGK at his age and still is way ahead of MGK)

    -"Got more fans than you in your own city, lil' kiddy, go play"
    (No need to explain)

    -"Shootin' a video just to f---in' dig your own grave"
    (MGK is holding a shovel in his diss track video, Eminem says he is digging his own grave by shooting that video)

    -"Kelly, they'll be putting your name
    Next to Ja, next to Benzino—die, MFer!
    Like the last MFer sayin' Hailie in vain"
    (Eminem says the only list where MGK's name will be is the list of rappers whose career Eminem has ended)

    -"My biggest flops are your greatest hits"
    (No need to explain)

    -"The game's mine again and ain't nothin' changed but the locks
    So before I slay this b---- I, mwah, give Jade a kiss"
    (Eminem shouts out the rapper Jadakiss who is in a rap group named LOX, He also talks about Hailie as her middle name is "Jade")

    -"Bein' rich-shamed by some prick usin' my name for clickbait
    In a state of bliss 'cause I said his g.d. name"
    (MGK clickbaited Eminem's name to get views on his diss track)

    -"This is it, as big as you're gonna get, so enjoy it
    Had to give you a career to destroy it"
    (No need to explain)

    -"But if I was three foot 11
    You'd look up to me, and for the record
    You would s--- a d-ck to f---in' be me for a second"
    (Eminem says even if he was 3 foot 11, MGK would still look up to him, Referring to MGK's diss where he says he is taller than Eminem)

    -"How the f--- can him and I battle?
    He'll have to f--- Kim in my flannel
    I'll give him my sandals
    'Cause he knows long as I'm Shady, he's gon' have to live in my shadow"
    (Em claims that MGK would have to be f---ing Kim, before he was a real threat to Em. But in order to f--- Kim, MGK would have to be even more of an Eminem wannabe than he already is, literally wearing his clothing. Em suggests that he’ll help MGK out in this department, even giving him his sandals. This is also possibly a reference to the “Rap Devil” video in which MGK can be seen wearing sandals with socks. Em is also be saying that as long as he’s ‘shading’) MGK, the younger rapper will remain well below him "in his shadow")

    -"You're f---in' salty
    'Cause Young Gerald's balls-deep inside of Halsey"
    (Eminem says MGK is salty about how his ex Halsey is getting banged by the rapper G Easy)

    -"Who else want it, Kells?
    Attempt fails, Budden, L's
    f---in' nails in these coffins as soft as Cottonelle"
    (Eminem likens his enemies' insults to an impotent attempt at a burial, where the proverbial closing of his coffin is carried out with Cottonelleproducts—a company known for its toilet paper and flushable wipes.)

    -"But, Kells, the day you put out a hit's the day Diddy admits
    That he put the hit out that got Pac killed, ah!"
    (Em says the day you make a hit will be the day "Diddy" = MGK's boss will admit that he got Tupac killed (which he never will)

    This was only a warning from Eminem, The fish earring with the rose in its mouth on Mgk, if you look closely! The Mafia uses that to Warn an enemy, leaving it at their front door.
    Jun 7, 2023
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    Apr 9, 2021
    This is great. I love all these connections and details. It’s actually incredible that he can create all this
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    Jun 7, 2023
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    Apr 9, 2021
    I'm pretty sure SXN80 figured it all out first hour after Killshot dropped tbh.

    Eminem's mind is wired differently. He's nuts in a good way.
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    Jun 7, 2023
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    Apr 9, 2021
    Some of it were known to me, some of it were new. Nice to have Everything here to read
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    Jun 7, 2023
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    Apr 9, 2021
    Will add that “hold steel” also means holding guns. So.
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    Jun 7, 2023