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Evil Within (Keystyle)

Started by DoCtaGriLLz, Aug 25, 2016, in Creative

  1. Everybody knows Doc's keepIn the heaviest flows
    Like doggystyling an obese menopausal freak with her belly exposed
    Told the ho to "go home , she screamed "the deli is closed"
    Just finished jizzing on her butcheeks, I'm already repulsed.
    I was in the moment ,this liquors potent, Its a bonus
    notice how stoic I flow when I 'sip the potion ,I'm zonin' and focused.
    Don't even try to spark a diss , I'm spartacus
    rip your limbs apart, send you to the dark abyss,
    then go to the park and piss
    on your grave Smiling down like a narrcisist
    cuz my whizz took 3 minute to end
    Like King Kong after a long day of keeping it in!
    Cuz his bathroom wasn't working
    Bad news, his stomachs hurting
    and hes About to fall asleep from his binge
    so when he wakes up you better retreat or get skinned
    best believe it ain't no game review when I feel evil within.
    #1 DoCtaGriLLz, Aug 25, 2016
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    #2 DoCtaGriLLz, Aug 25, 2016
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