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    "Bounce" is a (soulful) song, full of energy and emotion, where Flaev gets a quick flashback about how he was born, what happened to his parents during the process, the grief and the scare that he may have not made it because of the sensitivity and intensity of his birth, straight to how he has been living his life with people, what he's been upto and now, talking about his company and what is next up for him in his career.
    Flaev, however, doesn't go much into detail but paints a vivid (mental) picture to portray bits of his life and what people may not have known about him.
    The chorus simplifies his 'speech' in a way that brings out his love life, friendships that never made it, business deals that capsized and plans that didn't work, to a full stop.
    Flaev, a rapper, drummer, producer and CEO of Fine Africa Media Entertainment, hits "Bounce" that has a lot of African elements yet an urban feel to keep you bouncing your head and keeping you in high spirits.
    This is his second single off "Genesis" after the successful "Egwu" release earlier in the year.

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