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    Oct 23, 2020
    Mic check its there cord around hand
    Goin towards the land of getting grands d---
    Like canyon i don't need a cannon bruh
    Check the temperature spit sick as f---
    Stamina up still a young buck
    Milwaukee mills haunt me need those green bodies
    Probably sell my soul for an audi
    Never told or ratted not my personality
    Verses don't challenge me i body beats like torsos
    Explodin those off dynamite shine prime tonight
    Hotter than the stage lights no stage fright
    But hit like a train that's freight tracks delight
    I say that right
    I believe so i need to achieve dough
    So hoes s--- like mosquitoes
    Cheddar Doritos
    Speak flow different cut of cloth
    You can stop the rappin cut it off
    Words are pistons oiled in position
    Make this machine of mind scheme lines
    Mean time
    Im doin just fine like marker tip
    I started this style of spastic s---
    You don't Know how hard it is
    Being me within sobriety weird flex
    Muscle bruised lyrical sex
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