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    Deadpool the end

    Aug 24, 2016
    Your're sitting on the couch and your surfing sec80, and your life is passing you by you keep procrastinating over and over will i sign up. Well, maybe I'll sign up next month, maybe next semester. No, do it right now! We'll work witchu after work, or you can surf before work. You can do whatever you need to post. Go talk to somebody right now about sec80, and they'll tell you we are out to help you. You spend all day on the phone anyhow!!! Why not make a call that's going to help you in the future? All you gotta do is click on sign up and make the name. Why you makin' it complicated? It's easy.

    check it out we got Life classes were we come together as a class to analyze life to its fullest. We got the best gym facility to practice ya sports talk and we even got a movie and TV class for you inspiring film makers. Yo it doesn't stop there heard about that pokemon Go game? s---t maybe you're addicted to it? We got a class for that too. Want to talk about games and how you made that end game come back in 2k? We got you covered with the gaming classes and lets not forget our creative classes for the inspiring artist out there, you gotta peek your head in that class. We even have a comfortable lounge area to just talk that random talk when you dont wanna leave the campus or your waiting for your next class to get active.

    Why are you still reading this? Sign up now !!!

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