Help Help get my reddit post back on the front page!

Started by whatthefuture, Oct 16, 2016, in Creative Add to Reading List

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    Oct 16, 2016
    I made a post on the r/hiphopheads sub today for my just-dropped WESTON ROAD FLOWS remix and it was on the front page (closer to the bottom) for a while. It's near the top on the second now but with a little help from you guys I can really get this some much needed extra visibility (upvotes and any comments are super appreciated). I'm a fully independent artist so any and all help goes a mad long way. I'll give you guys good karma forever if you can help a dude out haha. :emoji_pray::emoji_pray: Plus I'm sure you'd enjoy my rapping on 40's WRF beat, I promise it's dope.

    Here's the link to the reddit post:
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