Is Stephen Curry a "Clutch" player in the playoffs?

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    Jun 20, 2019
    Recently I looked at Steph's shooting in the clutch in close post season games. I went on basketball reference and went through each and every game that he played in that was close, and looked at his shooting stats in the last 3 minutes. I considered a close game would be a game that ended in 7 points or less. There were 37 games he played in that ended up close scores

    In 37 close playoff games, Stephen Curry has a record of 23-14

    Shooting 44/106 (41.5%) in the final 3 minutes of games resulting within 7 points

    With 114 points off 106 field goal attempts

    12 Turnovers

    3/11 On go ahead or game winning attempts (shots within the last 24 seconds)

    In Elimination games his stats are:

    27.45 PPG/ 7.1 AST/ 3.3 TOV/ 41 MIN/ 42.8 FG%/ 7-4 Record

    Most Clutch shot attempts- Score shows score at time of shot, not final score

    Game 1 2013 First round- 14.5 seconds left hits game tying 3 95-95 vs Denver

    Game 2 2015 NBA Finals- 8 seconds left, makes 2 pt shot, tie game 87-87

    Overtime- 7 seconds left, misses 2 pt down by 1, Cleveland ins 94-93

    Game 7 2016 NBA Finals- 31 seconds left, misses 3 pt down by 3 - 92-89 Cleveland

    Game 1 2018 NBA finals- makes 2 pt shot with 23 seconds left- Tie game 106-106

    Game 4 2019 Second Round vs Houston- misses 3 pt with 3 seconds left 111-108 Houston

    Game 6 2019 NBA Finals- misses 3 point shot with 8 seconds left- 111-110 Toronto
    Obviously Steph does so much more that doesn't get noticed. Such as passing and off ball play, but these are strictly shooting statistics in close playoff games. His numbers arent horrible in games that are down to the wire, but on winning and tying attempts in big moments he is only 3 of 11. He has shown up in Elimination games over the course of his playoff career. Is Curry a clutch player, or does he consistently miss big shots in the playoffs?
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    May 19, 2022
  2. dna hits
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    Jun 20, 2019
    No he’s not a clutch. He goes on random sprees where he shoots 3s. He missed the shot to win the game with 8 seconds left in the championship game. He’s a great regular season player. And has some good play off games, until he gets covered by someone good in the 4th that shuts him down.

    Still a top 3 shooter in the league. But not in clutch situations in the playoffs or overall. This post season exposed him not being able to carry his team without a few players. I mean he lost to the raptors. Enough said.
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    May 19, 2022
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    Jun 20, 2019
    Guy is clutch but when you have Klay/Durant on your team you can give up the ball when you're getting double teamed. The defence knows that he's likely going to take the last shot of the game so they don't give him space or time. This is why guys like Draymond or Andre are wide open late in games to take that final shot, which is a way better shot then a well defended 3. Also don't forget Game 5 he hit that clutch shot to tie the game as well and last finals where he hits the dagger 3 to end the series.
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    May 19, 2022
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    Jun 20, 2019
    It depends on how you define clutch. Seems like he hasn’t been the best in game tying/winning shots in finals seconds scenarios which are the moments everyone remembers most. He’s also put up some huge games in the playoffs when the warriors needed him to.
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    May 19, 2022