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    Jan 11, 2018
    Well it seems any r----- can post a review so why not me

    WoW: Song would have been great if it wasn't the first single, good content but not a song you would replay very much. 7/10

    Believe: A mediocre song that is viewed very highly because it's on a low-quality album. Hook is pretty dope but all the verses besides the third were kinda boring to me. 6/10

    Chloraseptic: Interesting song rapping is decent and the hook is also just decent. I want to like it but I just can't, the remix is a lot better, however. 5/10

    Untouchable: This song would be better if he woulda stuck to one beat. The subject matter is way overdone but it's cool to see Eminem speak on that I guess. But sonically it's terrible. 2/10

    River: Ed is cool in this song but Eminem's verses are just horrible like it doesn't even work as a pop song imo. 4/10

    Remind me: Lazy a--- sample, literally just rapping over I love rock and roll, cringe as f--- lines, but I do like some of it. Also, if he woulda made the "remind me intro" into a full song it would have been a lot better. 5/10

    Like Home: This song is like a pop anthem diss track and its f---in weird.Alicia is pretty good, but not a big fan of this one. 3/10

    Bad husband: Very personal song about his wife and you can hear the emotion in his voice which is cool, X ambassadors actually do a good hook as well. Another song that's good but not a song you would replay much. 6/10

    Tragic Endings: Don't care very much for this one either, mediocre. 5/10

    Framed: This song is f---ing dope best one on the album 10/10

    Nowhere Fast: Another song I never replay and don't care much for. Kehlani doesn't sound that bad either. 5/10

    Heat: What the f--- is this. 1/10

    Offended: has some cool parts but "I'm gonna make you eat my turds" poop lines are f---ing terrible cmon. Cool fast rapping part though that actually has some substance to it. 5/10

    Need Me: Leftover pink song that eminem decided to put on his album but forgot that no one likes pink 2/10

    In Your Head: another lazy sample but this one is a better song. Good verses and the hook is cool but I think I'd rather listen the original. 6/10

    Castle: I don't get this s---, It just a song cut from recovery that is f---ing irrelevant now. But it is a cool concept and a cool track for eminem fans 7/10

    Arose: I like this one a lot, very emotional and personal for em, that is what he does best. Song also sounds like most of it was written years ago and wouldve been a lot cooler on recovery or something like that. But atleast we got it, Re wind part is pretty cool as well. A good song. 8/10

    Overall. 6/10. Some good tracks here and some bad ones as well. Relapse 2 gotta happen the only way em can truly finish his career.
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    Aug 12, 2022
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    Jan 11, 2018
    we don't care
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    Aug 12, 2022
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    Jan 11, 2018
    s--- review. Classic album 9.7/10
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    Aug 12, 2022
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    Jan 11, 2018
    Lol @jackryan Castle isnt a recovery cut and is an amazing song
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    Aug 12, 2022
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    Jan 11, 2018
    Too many Revival reviews. (look out for my review on the 15th) lmao. Jk I'm prob not gonna do that.
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    Aug 12, 2022
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    Jan 11, 2018
    I'm gonna review this album next
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    Aug 12, 2022