Non-Hip-Hop Justin Bieber "Purpose" REVIEW by FINESSING | And thoughts on Journals

Started by A R T, Nov 17, 2015, in Music Add to Reading List

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    Nov 17, 2015

    Alot of s--- has happened with Justin before this album was released, and it definitely shows. This is Justin's most lyrical and self-conscious album. It's very emotional pretty much all throughout. The production is interesting, I really like it at times. "I'll Show You," an early track, comes out great. Justin sounds very passionate about everything he is saying and the instrumental helps alot. I can say that i feel pretty good about it overall. But there are some tracks that don't do anything for me, like "Children." It's a socially-conscious song that just doesn't come out right and i think, does not fit.

    This was not better than Journals though. Journals was more shallow, less lyrical, less emotional, but i still think it beats this album. It is in a higher place musically. I can appreciate Justin's words on this album, but I in general don't look for that in music. Journals just has stronger points for me. More memorable tracks. I feel more eager to listen to the songs on there. Purpose is an important album in Justin's career. Most of it does not
    make me go crazy or anything, but It is pretty nice.


    FAV TRACKS: I'll Show You, What Do You Mean, No Pressure, No Sense, Where Are You Now, We Are

    LEAST FAV TRACK: Children

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