Kanye West Kanye West-"POWER" why is the song and video so short?

Started by Dembe, Nov 30, 2019, in Kanye West Add to Reading List

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    Nov 30, 2019
    It's a tableau, but it makes less sense to us because we aren't Kanye West. Kanye West wakes up and thinks "What hit single am i going to produce this week?" and then puts on super nice clothes, eats a super nice breakfast, gets in his super nice car, and goes to work where everyone treats him like the producing genius he is.

    No wonder he has such a huge ego, he has so much more than he ever had before.

    Our perception of his power isn't fair. He chops up whatever song he wants and makes a new song that people will play for years to come. He influences popular culture, and visibly changes the world on a regular basis.

    No wonder he made a song called "Power".

    TLDR: Fishsticks.
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